Davros is CGG's 3D BroadSeis™ and BroadSource™ multi-client survey in the Northern Carnarvon Basin, Australia’s premier petroleum province, on the North West Shelf of Western Australia. The first phase of Davros covers an area in excess of 6,400 km² within the highly prolific Dampier Sub-basin and is available now. This area has been extended to over 11,000 km² with the recent acquisition of the second phase.
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The survey is located adjacent to significant discoveries along the Rankin Trend, such as Goodwyn, Angel and North Rankin. The Dampier Sub-basin hosts over 10km of sediments, dominated by Triassic to Lower Cretaceous successions. Plays exist at multiple stratigraphic levels including oil-prone Jurassic sediments and gas-prone Triassic sediments.


By combining CGG’s BroadSeis variable depth streamers with the BroadSource synchronized multi-level broadband source and advanced deghosting, Davros delivers over 6 octaves of bandwidth. Complementing this full-bandwidth acquisition with CGG’s state-of-the-art subsurface depth imaging delivers exceptional data quality and reveals new exploration opportunities.

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