Gippsland ReGeneration: Reprocessing & Acquisition

The Gippsland ReGeneration 3D reprocessing and acquisition project, in Australia’s premier Gippsland Basin (South-East Australia), offers the industry the highest-resolution 3D seismic data available in this extremely prospective area. The entire seismic coverage of the basin (restricting to modern/selected surveys) totals ~11,500km2, and CGG believes that the reprocessing of this large dataset, combined with new acquisition currently being acquired, will benefit explorers for the future. The high-quality data will allow new entrants to fully evaluate both the proposed acreage release and any other opportunities that exist, fully highlighting previously overlooked prospectivity.
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To date, the Gippsland Basin has produced over 4 billion barrels of liquid hydrocarbons and 7 trillion cubic feet of gas, sourced from thick coal seams formed during the Paleocene to Eocene, and trapped in late Tertiary, inversion-formed, compressional structures.

Gippsland_Repro The legacy (top) and reprocessing (bottom) images show the data reprocessing uplift.


Historically, imaging the Gippsland Basin’s shelf break and numerous submarine channels has proved extremely challenging. With the application of CGG’s latest high-end technology and workflows, including advanced de-multiple and high-frequency FWI, the Gippsland ReGeneration project delivers significant reservoir imaging improvements and reveals new potential deep reservoir targets to extensively improve understanding of the basin. FWI (Full Waveform Inversion) has proved to work exceptionally well on the high velocity channels, which have been notorious in their distortion of the imaging at the reservoir level and below.

Products and progress updates, including examples of the imaging steps, are available now for viewing at CGG’s Perth office. We encourage interested parties to contact us and arrange viewing of the project and also the technology.

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ReGenerating the Gippsland Basin

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