Schild Phase I & II

Schild Phase I (2,340km2) and Phase II (2,460km2) 3D multi-client surveys are located in the Browse Basin. The surveys cover acreage close to significant gas discoveries, which include the Ichthys and Poseidon fields. Within Schild Phase I lies the successful Lasseter-01 gas-condensate discovery, whilst Echuca Shoals is covered by Phase II.


The Schild surveys aim to define the horsts, tilted fault blocks and faulted anticlinal plays, which form the primary reservoirs. The key objectives are improved imaging and identification of potential Cretaceous and Jurassic reservoir units, potential for seismic geomorphology analyses and visualization of tilted fault blocks or other potential traps in the area.


Reprocessing of Schild Phase I (2,340km2) has now been completed, improving imaging by using the latest advances in broadband demultiple and deghosting technology.

Schild data image

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Subsurface Imaging - Deghosting


Remove the ghost from your towed streamer seismic pre-stack. Broaden bandwidth for clearer images. Revitalize conventional data. Fits efficiently into processing sequence.

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