Encontrado, Mexico

Wide-azimuth Reprocessing

CGG has just completed the reprocessing of over 38,000km² of wide-azimuth data in the Perdido fold belt, covering some of the most prospective areas of the Mexican Gulf, including the recent Trion discovery. Over 35,000km² of this data is on the Mexican side of the border.

fin encontrado
Encontrado-Taurus map
The Encontrado program consists of nine legacy datasets, acquired with a variety of azimuths, which have been merged and processed through an advanced high-end sequence, including bandwidth extension and 3D deghosting, 3D SRME and advanced imaging using TTI RTM and Kirchhoff migrations, with TomoML and FWI velocity modeling. Final seismic datasets are available now.

This advanced seismic dataset will be the cornerstone of our JumpStart™ integrated geoscience program, which will combine all the seismic, well and geological data available. JumpStart programs review, validate and calibrate all the available data to deliver upgraded information in one place, to provide a framework for understanding the prospectivity of an area.

A high resolution survey, Taurus, has recently been acquired over the Trion prospect. This will provide ultra-high resolution data for geohazard identification in this area.

All CGG multi-client data worldwide are available for license on a non-exclusive basis. Contact us for availability, quality inspection and pricing.

Explore the GeoStore and see details of all CGG's multi-client data in this area.

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