Aruba TerraCube Suite


CGG GeoSpec are planning new 2D reprocessing (PSTM) offshore Aruba, focused on the Western Curaçao Basin, to complement an extensive enhanced regional seismic and well database. This integrated regional dataset has also been interpreted and summarised in a Prospectivity Review.

Aruba TerraCube™ Suite - Seismic and well Database

Aruba database

GeoSpec New 2020 Projects

  • New 2020 ~4,550 km 2D TerraCubePSTM seismic data to be reprocessed from field tapes (pre-stack time migration) – black lines
  • New 2020 4,350 km seismic data for potential 2020 reprocessing—dark blue lines
  • Aruba Prospectivity Review and updated report including results from Bon Bini-1 - green well spot

GeoSpec existing seismic and well database - immediately available

  • 1,385 km 2D TerraCubePSTM seismic data reprocessed from field tapes (pre-stack time migration) - pink lines
  • 875 km Aruba TerraCube2D enhanced original seismic data - orange lines
  • 1,053 km TerraCube2D scanned and reconstructed seismic data - green lines
  • 3 TerraCubeWSM well and seismic montage packages - yellow well spots
  • Aeromagnetic Survey

2D TerraCubePSTM

GeoSpec’s seismic data is reprocessed from field tapes utilising CGG’s SI Processing Centres. Using CGG’s modern techniques, including 2D SRME, SWD (shallow water demultiple), MWD (model based water bottom demultiple) and GWE broadband reprocessing. The dedicated legacy seismic processing team is able to provide significant uplift over previous processing efforts.

Our reprocessed seismic data is then independently QC’d to provide the best quality product possible. All of the seismic data is phase and amplitude matched to generate a seamless product across the region, in a workstation ready format.

Aruba - Seismic Comparison

Prospectivity Review

The integration of well and reprocessed legacy seismic data allows a better understanding of the regional petroleum context, demonstrated by existing discoveries along the offshore part of eastern Colombia and western Venezuela.
The review includes vitrinite reflectivity analyses on ditch cuttings from the Chuchubi-1 well, with headspace gas in the Chuchubi-1 used to help constrain the 1D modelling. Results of QemScan analyses from the Chuchubi-1 and Divi Divi-1 wells demonstrate potential reservoir development. Petrophysical analysis on the potential reservoir section above the basement in the Divi Divi-1 well has also been undertaken.
Stratigraphy to Seismic (StS) analysis undertaken on the Divi Divi-1 well aids understanding of the geological development of the area and, therefore, the potential prospectivity of the offshore Aruba area. StS also helps constrain the new interpretation of the combined dataset.

The report also includes:

  • Review of previous exploration in the area
  • Potential trapping styles offshore Aruba
  • Potential play systems offshore Aruba
  • 1D thermal modelling and burial history charts

Why Aruba: A Prospectivity Summary

Aruba is located in the Southern Caribbean between the Western Curaçao Basin and the Western Aruba Basin, and historically formed one of the three islands of the Dutch Antilles.

Aruban waters start less than 50 km from the 2009 Repsol/Eni Perla discovery (which at 17 TCF is the largest gas field in South America) and 80 km from the hydrocarbon producing La Vela area in Venezuela. Large gas discoveries have also been made to the west of Aruba, such as Orca-1 in Colombia (2015).

Previous exploration efforts in Aruba have encountered all the components of a working hydrocarbon system. This includes evidence for a thermogenic source rock with higher carbon chain gases and oil in piston cores. 1D basin modelling indicates that potential source rocks are mature and have expelled hydrocarbons. Offshore wells have proven the existence of reservoir quality clastics, whilst analogues of potential carbonate reservoirs, known to work west of Aruba are present onshore. Numerous traps including 4-way dip closures, tilted fault blocks, and combined traps have been mapped, often with DHI and AVO support.

With 4 wells drilled in the area, the offshore Western Aruba and Curaçao Basins have not been adequately tested.  The benefit of hindsight suggests that these wells were not optimally positioned, but they demonstrate that Aruba provides frontier acreage with proven hydrocarbon potential.

Aruba has an established petroleum legislation and open acreage is now available.


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