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CGG is pleased to be able to make available in partnership with SNH, enhanced E&P data packages of the onshore/offshore Douala/Kribi-Campo and Rio del Rey sedimentary basins of Cameroon.

October 2018 Announcement

Following the successful conclusion of the 2018 Cameroon onshore and offshore License Round, we are pleased to announce that until further notice bona-fide E&P companies may approach SNH directly for 1:1 negotiations on any remaining available exploration blocks.  Once initiated, negotiations will be expected to progress in a timely manner.  For further details please contact us.

CGG GeoSpec is pleased to continue it’s ongoing long term relationship with SNH, being the single point of contact for Data from Onshore and Offshore Cameroon.

If you have questions, you can email us at (Attn: Mr. Phil BAXTER) or call us at +44 (0)1492 581811.

Data Packages Are Exclusively Available Via CGG

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These workstation-ready enhanced data packages contain:

Package 1: Douala/Kribi-Campo

  • 7,637 km² 3D TerraCubeREGRID
  • 12,863 km TerraCube2D (outside the 3D area)
  • 32 Well and Seismic Montage Packages, TerraCubeWSM 
    (Total 34 wells)

55 additional well packages are available to license on an individual basis.

Package 2: Rio del Rey

Discounted license fee for package licensed before end October 2017

  • 1,235 km² 3D TerraCubeREGRID
  • 7,670 km TerraCube2D (outside the 3D area)
  • 14 Well and Seismic Montage Packages, TerraCubeWSM
    (Total 21 wells)

50 additional well packages are available to license on an individual basis.

Three Package Options

There are three package purchase options available:

  • Package 1 Douala/Kribi Campo
  • Package 2 Rio del Rey
  • Combined Data Package

Cameroon Prospectivity

Cameroon is a proven hydrocarbon province with production from both the Rio Del Rey (RDR) and Douala / Kribi-Campo (DKC) Basins. Significant further opportunities exist for commercial hydrocarbon accumulations in both basins with large tracts of open acreage available , particularly in the DKC basin, that could offer one or more companies a significant strategic position.

Cameroon interpTo the south of the Cameroon volcanic line, the DKC basin, with several large blocks available in the round, is located at the northern end of the prolific hydrocarbon producing South Atlantic Rift. Both pre and post Campanian source rocks are proven, producing liquid hydrocarbons as well as gas/condensate. Structural and stratigraphic traps are proven from Early Cretaceous through to late Tertiary, varying from tilted fault blocks to turbidite channels and fans in deeper water. Recent new petrophysical and geophysical analysis has identified potential missed opportunities from previous exploration, as well as new plays with the potential for large volumes of hydrocarbons to be present across this increasingly prospective basin.

SeismicTo the north of the Cameroon volcanic line the prolific RDR basin is at the easternmost edge of the Niger Delta complex and currently produces from the classic play of deltaic sands of the Agbada Formation and sandy turbidites (Oongue, Isongo, Nguit, Diongo) deposited in confined canyon systems or in front of the delta system. Further opportunities are interpreted to exist in the Toe Thrust Belt and the Shale Diapir/Ridge Province, with the added benefit of sitting in shallow water and close to existing infrastructure.

Through our workstation-ready, time- and phase-matched contiguous regional 3D seismic datasets, coupled with the 2D seismic and the integrated well and seismic montages, the opportunity now exists to understand the prospectivity of both basins for the upcoming licence round in ways never available before.

Useful Links:

S.N.H. web site

Law n° 2011-025 of 14-12-2011 (Associated Gas - English Version) Download (PDF)
Law n° 2011-025 of 14-12-2011 (Associated Gas - French Version) Download (PDF)
Contrat typeCPPenanglais Download (PDF)
The 2019 Petroleum Code (English) Download (PDF)
The 2019 Petroleum-Code (French) Download (PDF)
The Decree to implement the 1999 Petroleum Code Download (PDF)
Gas Code - 19 April 2012 (English) Download (PDF)
Gas Code - 19 April 2012 (French) Download (PDF)
Gas Code Law No 2012-006 OF 19 APRIL 2012 to institute the Gas CODE (French & English) Download (PDF)


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