Black Sea Database

GeoSpec’s regional well and seismic database with associated TerraCube™ suite of value-added products allows exploration teams to rapidly assess the geology of the Black Sea.

black sea map

Black Sea Database

  • 12,388 km seismic data
  • 8,682 km reprocessed  PSTM seismic data
  • Regional seismic interpretation 
  • 22 wells
  • Formation Description Logs
  • Well and Seismic Montages
black sea seismic zoom

Black Sea Regional Seismic Dataset

  • Seismic data reprocessed from field tapes using modern techniques including SRME, radon de-multiple and Pre-Stack Time Migration and shallow water de-multiple algorithm 
  • Workstation ready, navigation sorted, zero phased and amplitude matched SEG-Y
  • Regional well-tie seismic interpretation
black sea seismic comparison

Black Sea Well and Seismic Montages, TerraCubeWSM

well montage
  • A cost effective and time-saving exploration opportunity screening tool for petroleum geologists.
  • Provide a concise overview of past exploration efforts to help focus future exploration.

  • Combine multiple data types in one easy to use package with digital data ready to load into a variety of software suites.

  • Supported by base well data, giving insights into petroleum prospectivity not found in public domain data.

  • Offer an opportunity to assess drilled play concepts, provide analogues and analyse well failure on a basin-size scale in order to identify missed opportunities.

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Multi-Client Data


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