TerraCube UK

TerraCubeTM Unlocking the seismic potential

Terracube seismic TerraCubeTM – Reprocessed seismic data with Consistent Stratigraphic Tops and regional interpretation

TerraCubeTM integrates well data and reprocessed seismic to generate non-exclusive interpretative products:

Terracube gridded topsGridded Top Cretaceous marker based on TerraCubeTM
  • 2D & 3D Seismic datasets
  • Tied to well data
  • Regional horizons
  • Velocity database 
  • Integrated geology
  • Value added products


3D post-stack matched seismic compilations, ideal for ‘Rapid Regional Review’ over mature areas:

  • North Sea (68,610sqkm)
  • Irish Sea Basins (4,671sqkm)
  • Atlantic Margin (17,395sqkm)

UK TerraCube2D

2D Seismic compilations, over 250,000km, ideal for ‘Rapid Regional Review’ over frontier areas:

  • Integrated into 3D coverage gaps
  • Coverage into basin flanks and frontier areas

UK TerraCubePSTM

High quality, cost effective 2D & 3D datasets that are industry supported reprocessing projects. Pre-stack datasets are available for detailed evaluation:

  • North Sea (32,913sqkm)
  • Atlantic Margin (9,276sqkm)

All datasets workstation ready and supplied in consistent “easy use” formats

For further information please contact us

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