UK 32nd License Round

CGG Multi-Client data library offers the most recent and most advanced seismic coverage of the Central North Sea (CNS), North Viking Graben (NVG), Southern North Sea (SNS) and West of Shetlands (WOS). OGA 32nd License Round includes a significant number of blocks on offer over CGG’s North Sea datasets.

These groundbreaking datasets, processed with the latest technologies, will assist the industry with their exploration and production challenges, designed to help develop new opportunities within the mature areas of the UK Continental Shelf.

Cornerstone Evolution is the latest iteration of central north sea reprocessing, using the latest cutting-edge imaging technology to create a seamless volume of over 50,000 km² of high-quality, long-offset data.

32nd CNS 828

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Cornerstone Evolution

This dataset will be available to help de-risk acreage available in the 32nd UK Offshore Licensing Round. Processing is tailored to address local geological complexities, with model-building benefiting from Q-Tomography, Q-FWI, and Q-RTM. Final PSDM data will include Least Squares Q-Kirchhoff and Wave Equation migrations.

Evolution salt model with improved flank imaging

The latest Cornerstone Evolution salt model provides improved imaging of the salt flanks.


  • Over 50,000 km² of high-quality, long-offset data, fully merged PSDM data
  • Application of CGG’s latest imaging technology, including Q-Tomography, Q-FWI and Q-RTM
  • Final PSDM data sets will include Least Squares Q-Kirchhoff and Wave Equation migrations
  • Rigorous imaging using extensive well control
  • Merged bandwidth-extended conventional and BroadSeis™ data
  • Dual Azimuth (DAZ) dataset for enhanced illumination, approx. 8,600 km² over the HPHT area
  • Added value Pore Pressure Prediction (PPP) and Facies Finder products available


The right data, in the right place, at the right time

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Regional Contact 

Leveraging Legacy Data

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Multi-Client Data - Lodestone


Better imaging in the Southern North Sea. All 3 areas reprocessed in depth using TomoML modelling and Q-wave amplitude compensation
Multi-Client-Data - West of Shetland RAZ

North Rona Ridge

A rich-azimuth towed streamer multi-client survey from NW of Shetland. Acquired using an innovative geometry to undershoot the volcanic sills and other shallow reflectors.
Multi-Client Data - North Viking Graben

Northern Viking Graben

A huge integrated geoscience program covering over 35,000km2 of the Northern Viking Graben. BroadSeis-BroadSource ghost-free data with reservoir-oriented QC.