Cornerstone OBN

Advanced OBN imaging for the UK Central North Sea 

Developed in conjunction with Magseis Fairfield, the Cornerstone OBN program will deliver subsurface images of unprecedented quality in the most challenging areas of the UK Central North Sea (CNS). The first phase, starting in March 2020, will provide approximately 2,500 sq. km of full-azimuth data suitable for field development and near-field exploration.

cornerstone obn

This multi-phase, multi-client program covers reservoir targets in high-pressure high-temperature (HP-HT) areas where salt diapirism creates challenges for seismic imaging using existing long-offset streamer data. OBN data will complement our existing high-quality Cornerstone streamer data.

cornerstone obn map
Covering an area of approximately 2,500 km2, the Cornerstone OBN program will provide exceptional imaging of deep HP-HT reservoir targets obscured by salt diapirs.

As recognized market-leaders in OBN imaging, CGG will use its latest proprietary technology to gain the greatest value from the data to deliver high-quality multi-client products featuring:

  • High-fidelity broadband, QI-compliant processing
  • Advanced multiple attenuation
  • Most accurate velocity models using full-azimuth data
  • Shear wave imaging

First results of the Cornerstone OBN program are expected in Q1 2021.

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Multi-Client Data - Cornerstone


35,000km2 Cornerstone contiguous broadband PSDM data with added-value Facies Finder and PPP products to help pinpoint the best prospects

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