Greater Castberg, Barents Sea

CGG has a new 5,168 sq km multi-client 3D survey in the Barents Sea. The survey was acquired with TGS in 2019 using CGG's TopSeis acquisition and is being processed using the latest developments of imaging technology. The unique TopSeis solution combines an innovative source-over-spread configuration with CGG's advanced imaging technology, delivers vastly increased near offset coverage. This enables our clients to delineate shallow-to-intermediate depth targets in the Barents Sea, which are not resolved by conventional methods.

The survey includes the highly prospective Castberg area, and cover existing and newly awarded licenses in addition to open acreage with several play models in multiple geological layers. 
GtCastberg Barents Map

The survey will incorporate:

  • Next-generation TopSeis configuration:
    • Five sources deployed on source vessel
    • Additional source on streamer vessel to provide long-offset data for FWI and deep imaging
  • Superior imaging and AVO quality:
    • Rich near offsets
    • High trace density
    • Low noise

    Fast-track PSDM data is available now.

    The right data , in the right place, at the right time

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Multi-Client Data - Barents Sea

Barents Sea

See play models at different levels, from the Triassic/Jurassic, through Carboniferous/Permian to the Devonian/Carboniferous with BroadSeis data in the Barents Sea
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