The Halten 3D survey was acquired in 2013 with CGG’s BroadSeis™ technology, providing true broadband data. The survey covers 2,260 km2 over the highly prospective Halten Terrace in the Norwegian Sea, with notable fields as Aasgard, Kristin, Victoria, Tyrihans, Heidrun and Draugen in close vicinity.

Halten 3DThe reservoirs of the proven fields in the area are mainly located in Jurassic tilted fault blocks which have proved to be highly prospective and contain both oil and gas. Key producing formations include Garn, Åre, Tilje and Fangst.

The primary target of this survey is the prospective Jurassic plays and associated stratigraphy. The secondary target is potential anticlines and stratigraphic traps in Cretaceous sandstones with focus on Lysing FM and Nise FM, located in the western part of the survey.

The top Jurassic level sits at two way travel times in excess of 3800ms and the top Cretaceous level at approx. 2000ms two-way time. The average water depth in the project area is 300-400 metres.

The Halten BroadSeisTM 3D survey was acquired with long offset Sercel Sentinel cables of 8100 meter and 100 meter separation. A comprehensive PSTM processing sequence to remove noise and multiples in various domains and with different algorithms was applied.

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