Lodestone is a high quality, long-offset multi-client 3D survey from CGG, located in the Southern North Sea covering the high impact Cygnus gas discovery. The ideal dataset to unlock the potential of the 32nd Round blocks in the southern North Sea, it has been reprocessed through PSDM using CGG’s latest TomoML velocity modeling to provide an in-depth look at Quad 44.

Lodestone repro comparison Comparison of the previous PSTM data and the new reprocessed data with GWE and PSDM using TomoML velocity modeling


Lodestone is located in and around UK Quadrant 44, providing state-of-the-art long-offset acquisition and processing in a sector where the Cygnus field is being developed and where numerous Carboniferous, Permian and Triassic fields are currently producing.

Lodestone survey mapHighlights

  • Lodestone provides improved pre-salt imaging, enabling the precise mapping of fault compartments of the Permian/Carboniferous reservoirs with an emphasis on demultiple in the processing sequence
  • Due to the long-offset acquisition, the Lodestone survey provides high-quality seismic data for AVO analysis of post-salt reservoir targets
  • The application of CGG Q-wave post-stack technology compensates for the attenuation of amplitudes through salt diapirs and volcanic intrusions


  • Lodestone provides full 3D seismic coverage of the 2Tcf Cygnus gas discovery for the first time
  • Several missed-pay discoveries are found within the area
  • There are a number of marginal fields requiring precise reserve estimates for future development

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