Northern Viking Graben

Northern North Sea - The Complete View

The combined Horda, Tampen and NVG South extension BroadSeis™ – BroadSource™ datasets provide 44,000 km2 of consistent 6-octave full-bandwidth data in the northern North Sea, including coverage of blocks on offer for the UK 32nd round.

North Viking Graben PSTM data from NE Horda with interpreted basement surface

Horda_Tampen_NVGS The Horda and Tampen surveys cover mature exploration areas such as; the Northern Viking Graben, Tampen Spur, Horda Platform and the Sogn Graben. The new East/West survey will provide a second azimuth over existing 3D surveys and extend into open acreage in the UK sector. The survey will acquire approximately 2,000 sq km of additional data in an E-W direction and will be processed together with the existing N-S data using CGG’s latest velocity modeling and imaging technology to produce a dual-azimuth volume. This will provide an enhanced insight into this geologically complex area. It will specifically address the imaging of multi-directional fault patterns prevalent in the region and the improved resolution will help resolve complex and marginal reservoir stratigraphy.

To date more than 40 BBOE have been discovered in the region, in giant discoveries such as Statfjord, Gullfaks, Oseberg, Troll and a number of other fields. Many small to medium sized discoveries have been made the recent years, including Brasse, Duva (Cara) and Rungne.

More importantly, this still represents only a small fraction of the oil believed to have been generated, and therefore huge remaining reserves are likely. This consistent, regional broadband dataset will be the baseline for further activity in the region for years to come, through all phases, from exploration through to development and production.

The NVG South extension covers the area from the Horda/Tampen survey southwards over the eastern parts of the Utsira High and the south-western part of the Stord Basin, the Patch Bank Ridge and parts of the Ling depression. The Utsira High is an area with several large discoveries such as Johan Sverdrup, Edvard Grieg, Balder and Ringhorne. The Stord Basin is an underexplored area, where presence of mature source rocks has been regarded to be a main risk. CGG’s shallow coring geochemical study from 2016 identified hydrocarbon leakages, of both gas and oil character, indicating presence of local, mature source(s).

This unique BroadSeis - BroadSource dataset combines long offsets, a dense streamer configuration and our state-of-the-art subsurface imaging technology to provide the clearest and highest-resolution images available in this complex region.

A JumpStart integrated geoscience package can be delivered, including geological context, well data, a prospectivity review and seismic reservoir characterization, all in addition to reservoir-quality seismic data. 114 wells have been analyzed and calibrated to the Horda/Tampen/NVG South seismic dataset. 

Final seamless PSDM datasets for the complete area is available now.

Horda-Tampen MC3D

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JumpStart Northern Viking Graben

Comprehensive integrated geoscience program of all the available information for the Northern Viking Graben, including advanced seismic, geological, potential fields geochemical and seeps data.
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Greater Castberg Survey

A new TopSeis survey, acquired with TGS, bringing high-resolution seismic insight to the Barents Sea .
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Take a closer look at the Northern Viking Graben with a “fly-through” of our 35,000 km² BroadSeis PSDM seismic and velocity model.
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