North Rona Ridge 3D

Rich Azimuth Survey NW of Shetland

CGG has started acquisition of a high-density, rich-azimuth survey in the UK West Shetland Basin. The 3,600 sq km survey has received strong industry support, and has been designed in collaboration with major international oil companies. It focuses on delivering high-reolution seimic data in a prospective but underexplored area north-west of the Shetland Isles over the northern part of the Rona Ridge.

NW Shetland RAz map

The survey is being acquired using an innovative acquisition geometry, deploying a source and streamer vessel with an additional source vessel. Both vessels are operating triple sources using simultaneous source technology. The configuration has been designed to image multiple targets, from shallow Tertiary and Cretaceous plays to complex fractured Devono-Carboniferous reservoirs, by undershooting the volcanic intrusions and other shallow unconformities present in the area.

Fast track PSDM data

The data will be processed in depth using CGG’s state-of-the art broadband imaging technology, including advanced de-blending and Full-Waveform Inversion velocity modeling. A fast-track PreSDM data set will be available in Q1 2019 and the final data in mid-2019.

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Regional Contact
Regional Contact 
Multi-Client Data - West of Shetland

West of Shetland, Judd Basin

We have just reprocessed the Judd Basin 3D survey West of Shetland with the latest bandwidth extension and demultiple technology to deliver an advanced PSTM dataset to identify the remaining subtle tertiary traps.
Multi-Client Data - North Viking Graben

Northern Viking Graben

A huge integrated geoscience program covering over 35,000km2 of the Northern Viking Graben. BroadSeis-BroadSource ghost-free data with reservoir-oriented QC.
Multi-Client Data - Cornerstone


35,000km2 Cornerstone contiguous broadband PSDM data with added-value Facies Finder and PPP products to help pinpoint the best prospects