With extensive coverage in the SCOOP/STACK plays and surrounding areas, CGG offers a multitude of high-quality multi-client data sets in the Anadarko Basin. Recent projects include the Yukon 3D, Chickasha Merge 3D, and the Chickasha Extension surveys located in Canadian, Grady and Caddo Counties  Optimized for reservoir characterization with full azimuth acquisition designs and customized broadband EmphaSeis™ sweeps, this data was acquired using high-productivity slip-sweep techniques and processed using HPVA™ technology to provide a well sampled, high resolution data set. CGG has also incorporated the adjacent Ft. Reno and Cana South 3D surveys, creating a substantial contiguous volume of data, which will deliver better understanding of the facies distribution of multiple targets including the Meramec, Osage and Woodford formations.


The newest addition to CGG’s multi-client coverage in the Anadarko Basin is the Chickasha Extension, which extends across Canadian, Grady, and Caddo Counties. Designed with the tightest acquisition parameters of any survey in CGG’s Oklahoma data library, this 306-square-mile, high-density data set builds on existing coverage and delivers enhanced definition of complex structures in the SCOOP, STACK, and Merge plays. Final products are now available, including an orthorhombic offset vector tile (OVT) pre-stack time migration (PSTM) and a tilted transverse isotropic (TTI) pre-stack depth migration (PSDM). A Reservoir Package will also be available soon.

The Chickasha Merge survey covers 262 sq miles in Caddo and Grady counties, Oklahoma and is located in the SCOOP play of the Anardarko Basin. This play is in an oil and liquids-rich province with one of the thickest, best-quality, resource shale reservoirs in the country. The survey was designed to image numerous targets from the Osage and Woodford formations. Secondary targets are the Oswego and Hunton.

The Yukon survey covers 219 sq miles in Canadian County, Oklahoma, and is located in the STACK play of the Anadarko Basin, which reflects a shelf slope profile. A number of stacked targets of Devonian to Pennsylvanian age are present in the survey area. The primary targets being completed today are in the Meramec, Osage and Woodford formations. Secondary targets are the Oswego and Hunton.

A final PSTM is currently available for the Yukon and Chickasha Merge surveys and a final TTI PSDM is available for the Chickasha Merge. Both surveys have been processed through a ResPack (Reservoir Package) including deterministic inversion, petrophysical modeling and geochemical analysis. The Yukon survey also includes a geostatistical inversion.

Facies distribution within each target is complex, with mixed carbonate, silica and shale components. Fractures are present in different targets and may be oil or gas filled. The ResPack provides insight into the facies distribution and their depositional controls in the area, which are currently not well understood.

The ResPack also provides information about the relative brittleness over the area. High brittleness in the shale members is linked to better production and probably associated with silica content. An understanding of the pressure gradient is useful as pressure increases down dip, increasing EUR, however wells in the higher pressure area are more costly to drill.

Natural fractures in the targets cause horizontal anisotropy (HTI) while horizontal alignment of the clay minerals in the shales cause vertical anisotropy (VTI). However, since laterals are being drilled in a N-S direction, azimuthal analyses were not a primary goal.

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