Reeves County, Texas

CGG has recently reprocessed the existing 282 square mile Avalon 3D data in the depth domain, using the latest imaging technology. This survey offers 400 fold broadband data, focusing on the Wolfcamp and Bone Spring formations. Avalon map

Processing is complete and final products include:

  • 5D regularization
  • OVT (Offset Vector Tile) Pres-Stack Time Migration
  • TTI (Tilted Transverse Isotropy) Pre-Stack Depth Migration
  • Reservoir Optimization Package
CGG multi-client data worldwide are available for license on a non-exclusive basis. Contact us for availability, quality inspection and pricing.

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Western Hemisphere

Bringing multidisciplinary geosciences into q...

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Anisotropic Pre-Stack Depth Migration process...

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Peering into the Permian

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Multi-Client Data - Oklahoma


Our Oklahoma surveys with Reservoir Characterization deliver the information you need to exploit one of the best shale reservoirs in the USA.
Multi-Client Data - ROP


Onshore USA we implement advanced workflows especially designed for optimal reservoir characterization and geomechanical models in shale and other unconventional plays.
Multi-Client Data - Permian Basin

Permian Basin

Our multi-client data library in the Permian Basin is expanding, with Reservoir Optitmization Packages and new surveys being added to existing coverage.
Multi-Client Data - Gini


Advanced new survey targeting the Wolfcamp formation.
Multi-Client Data - Hobo and Gypsy

Hobo Merge

Comprising 4 individual surveys in the Permian Basin, targeting the Spraberry, Dean and Wolfcamp formations. The Hobo and Gypsy surveys will also include the state-of-the-art Reservoir Optimization Package.
Multi-Client Data - Leoncita


Part of the southern Delaware Basin, purchased, merged and reprocessed in both the time and depth domain.
Multi-Client Data


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