East Texas Complex

CGG's Fort Trinidad survey in Houston county is the most recent addition to our existing Bedias Creek and Rock Ridge East surveys in Madison, Grimes, Walker and Leon Counties, East Texas. The targeted Eaglebine play  is in the northeast extent of the Eagle Ford Shale play where it meets the Woodbine Sand Play.
East Texas SeismicEast Texas Complex

These surveys cover a total of 846 square miles with high-quality, high-fold data, illuminating the stacked pay formations of the Buda and Georgetown horizons while giving greater insight into fracture density.

The data for all three surveys have been acquired to a high specification to provide high-quality seismic data for reservoir characterization. The state-of-the-art processing sequence includes advanced denoise and demultiple, 5D Interpolation and orthorhombic Pre-Stack Time Migration. ​The increased fold and 82.5 foot bin size improves the clarity of the shallow data.

  • ​Bedias Creek Merge
    - 513 square miles, 110 fold
  • Rock Ridge East (RRE)
    - 199 square miles, 99 fold
  • Fort Trinidad
    - 104 square miles, 99 fold

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Multi-Client Data - Permian Basin

Permian Basin

Our multi-client data library in the Permian Basin is expanding, with Reservoir Optitmization Packages and new surveys being added to existing coverage.
GeoConsulting - (update) RoqScan


Automated mineralogy. Hard data when and where you need it. Perform detailed rock property analyses. Steer wells. Optimize completions.
Multi-Client Data - Avalon


282 square miles of 400-fold 3D data in the prolific Delaware Basin play in West Texas.

Multi-Client Data - ROP


Onshore USA we implement advanced workflows especially designed for optimal reservoir characterization and geomechanical models in shale and other unconventional plays.
Multi-Client Data - Big Cat

Big Cat

Use science to optimize your reservoirs in Wyoming's Powder River Basin. Big Cat 3D offers advanced seismic with reservoir characterization products to optimize drilling and completion.