Western USA

Powder River, Green River and Williston Basin

CGG’s Western U.S. Library contains a vast amount of data covering western North Dakota, Wyoming, and northern Colorado. A majority of the data is located in Wyoming with over 3100 square miles of subsurface imaging, defining multiple formations in the Green River, Washakie, Wind River, and Powder River Basin.

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The North Dakota datasets identify several oil plays within the Williston Basin while the Wyoming datasets focus on both historic and new oil and gas plays.  Large reserves lie within several basins throughout the state of Wyoming and CGG’s surveys were designed primarily to target these Cretaceous formations.  CGG’s library consists of 692 square miles in the Washakie Basin, 178 square miles in the Wind River Basin, and 1324 square miles in Green River Basin.

The Green River Basin is bounded by the Wyoming Overthrust Belt, the Wind River Mountains, and the Rock Springs Uplift.  The datasets in this area provide information to aid further development of the upper Cretaceous Lance Formation and explore potential reserves in the deeper Jurassic Nugget horizon.  A number of surveys in this basin also identity structural targets in the highly prospective Jonah Field.

CGG’s Western US data library also consists of 935 square miles of data in the Powder River Basin, bounded by the Big Horn Mountains and the Black Hills Uplift.  The basin contains several significant formations including recently targeted oil rich source rocks.  CGG’s Powder River datasets allow identification of each source rock and reservoir, with surveys designed to image the whole stratigraphy of this prolific basin.  CGG’s enriched multi-client library also offers geological information.  Several datasets, such as Big Cat, include comprehensive reservoir characterization studies for improved well placement and completion strategies.

CGG data is available for all of your exploration needs in these highly prospective areas.

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Multi-Client Data - ROP


Onshore USA we implement advanced workflows especially designed for optimal reservoir characterization and geomechanical models in shale and other unconventional plays.
Multi-Client Data - Oklahoma


Our Oklahoma surveys with Reservoir Characterization deliver the information you need to exploit one of the best shale reservoirs in the USA.
GeoConsulting - (update) RoqScan


Automated mineralogy. Hard data when and where you need it. Perform detailed rock property analyses. Steer wells. Optimize completions.
Multi-Client Data - Permian Basin

Permian Basin

Our multi-client data library in the Permian Basin is expanding, with Reservoir Optitmization Packages and new surveys being added to existing coverage.
Multi-Client Data - Big Cat

Big Cat

Use science to optimize your reservoirs in Wyoming's Powder River Basin. Big Cat 3D offers advanced seismic with reservoir characterization products to optimize drilling and completion.
Multi-Client Data - Rock Ridge

East Texas Complex

846 square miles of high-quality, high-fold data in Madison, Grimes, Walker and Leon Counties, East Texas, including state-of-the art processing including 5D interpolation and PSTM