Foz do Amazonas

FDA MapCGG's seismic data sets from the Foz do Amazonas Basin provide ideal images for exploration at all target depths and offer an excellent opportunity to understand the region’s geological potential.

This area benefits greatly from the insight of BroadSeis™ data. Broad bandwidths deliver fine resolution in the shallow data, with exceptional delineation of faults and thin layers, as well as enhanced definition of deep structures due to the improved penetration, enabling our clients to identify prospects at all levels in the data, maximizing the value of their license acquisitions.

CGG has recently expanded its library in this area with the acquisition of the FZA-M-320 survey or Mini-Foz, located at the French Guiana border in northern Brazil. Mini-Foz covers approximately 750 sq km and was acquired using BroadSeis technology in water depths ranging from 57-120m. CGG has incorporated a state-of-the-art processing and imaging flow in order to overcome the main challenges in the area, such as shallow water multiples, complex shallow structures and carbonate reefs, to deliver an AVO-compliant, high-resolution, detailed seismic product for structural and stratigraphic interpretation.

As a fully integrated geoscience company, we combine all our geological knowledge to ensure that we deliver reservoir-quality seismic to operators in the region. We can also incorporate new seismic with our gravity, magnetic and hydrocarbon seeps data and provide seismic reservoir characterization and Robertson geoscience consulting services, if required, to deliver a complete geological study.

FDA Seismic Example data from Foz do Amazonas


Final Deliverables

Foz do Amazonas

  • 3D Kirchhoff PSDM (TTI)
  • Final PSDM (TTI) Velocity Model
  • High Res Shallow Hazard 3D PSTM (Optional)
  • Gravity and Magnetics Survey (Optional)


  • TTI Kirchhoff PSDM

All CGG multi-client data worldwide are available for license on a non-exclusive basis.

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