Brazil Pre-Salt Basins

CGG is your ultimate source for all the data you need for exceptional exploration opportunities in Brazil. We have recently acquired or reprocessed advanced broadband seismic data covering blocks that will be available in upcoming pre-salt bid rounds. CGG's vision is to provide seismic data sets applicable to every phase of the pre-salt evaluation process, by providing over 100,000 km² of contiguous, high-quality, broadband, pre-stack depth migrated data, spanning the prospective Santos and Campos Basins. This is complemented by a further 20,000 km² in Espirito Santo.

Brazil Presalt
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The newest survey in our multi-client program is Nebula. This long-offset BroadSeis™ survey covers 40,530 km² in the Santos and Campos Basins. Acquisition is underway with an initial focus on Brazil’s 15th License Round blocks. The southeastern portion of the survey will provide high-quality 3D data where no other 3D data currently exists and the northwestern area will overlap existing data, providing dual-azimuth coverage for enhanced imaging of pre-salt structures. Contact us for more information including timelines for deliverables.

Santos VIII

Santos VIII, is another recent addition to CGG’s multi-client program designed to cover the pre-salt area with modern broadband seismic. Acquired using BroadSeis™ technology, this survey covers an area of 9,020 km², adjacent to Peroba, Pau Brasil and the Constellation/Constellation Extension reprocessing project. It has been processed using state-of-the-art workflows which include Time-Lag FWI and Interbed Multiple Attenuation (IMA) and final products are now available providing data where previously, no other 3D data existed. The TTI RTM PSDM and the TTI Kirchhoff PSDM reveal impressive structures and will aid in decision making for Brazil's 17th Round.

Santos VII FTSantos VII (Saturno)

The Santos VII BroadSeis survey covers an area of 15,767 km², including the highly prospective Saturno prospect, a major pre-salt opportunity with no other 3D coverage to date. It forms a bridge linking the Constellation reprocessed data to the recently reprocessed Pulsar data sets, providing an extensive area of contiguous broadband seismic coverage over the Santos and Campos Basins.

The final TTI PSDM data for Santos VII delivers impressive broadband images of Saturno and the surrounding pre-salt exploration area. This data has been processed using the latest broadband technology and imaged with advanced velocity modeling techniques, including FWI using both refracted and reflected waves.

Polaris Reimaging

Providing the best quality data to our clients is paramount, so in addition to acquiring new surveys, we have undertaken several reimaging projects using the most up-to-date processing technology. Polaris, located in Campos Basin, is the latest addition to our expansive multi-client pre-salt program. This reprocessing project is a merge of eleven different surveys, including Campos II and multiple public domain data sets, and covers 12,970 km² encompassing the Agua Marinha block which will be offered in the 7th Production Sharing Bidding Round. The new Polaris data set has been processed using state-of-the art processing algorithms including advanced 3D deghosting, Interbed Multiple Attenuation (IMA) and velocity modeling techniques including FWI, RFWI and Time-Lag FWI. The data set delivers superior imaging of pre-salt structures over open acreage with multiple prospects and will provide our clients with valuable information to identify potential pre-salt drilling targets. Final products include a TTI RTM PSDM and a TTI Kirchhoff PSDM.

Esmeralda Merge

CGG has also reprocessed approximately 2,500 km² of public data over the Esmeralda block, located in the Santos Basin, at the southern end of the pre-salt area. Using the latest, most advanced processing techniques, the new reimaged data set has been merged with CGG’s Constellation project and the final product offers high quality dual-azimuth imaging of Esmeralda, another block to be offered in the 7th Production Sharing Bidding Round. Final deliverables include a TTI RTM PSDM and a TTI Kirchhoff PSDM.

Pulsar Reprocessing

The Pulsar survey is a merge of the southern portion of Campos II and Santos VI-A and B. This project creates a bridge from the Santos to the Campos basins and forms part of a contiguous state-of-the-art broadband data set covering the entire area.

Constellation - Constellation Extension Reprocessing

Constellation is another reprocessing project southwest of Pulsar that has been extended to create a 44,153 km² data set, which includes the original Cluster Extension. The Constellation projects also use up-to-date processing algorithms, including 3D de-ghosting, bandwidth extension and TTI FWI model-building.

Pre-Salt JumpStart

The Constellation Reprocessing project is complemented by our Brazil Pre-Salt Constellation JumpStart project which integrates the seismic with all available well and geological data to provide a single source of information in a consistent easily-accessible format. The well data has been re-calibrated and interpreted using stratigraphy and petrophysics to deliver consistent Formation Description Logs and seismic-to-well ties.

post rift depthBase post rift depth map from Constellation


The JumpStart project delivers a thorough report on the petroleum systems of the Santos Basin, with focus on the 'pre-salt', including a dry hole analysis and identification of key risks and success factors. It provides a full structural and stratigraphic interpretation for key horizons, with attributes extracted to map the potential presence of hydrocarbon fluids and reservoir facies, and the final, comprehensive report contains a full prospectivity evaluation with play maps.

Contact us to find out more about our extensive library of pre-salt data sets.

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