Our multi-client surveys benefit from some of the latest advances in survey design, geoscience technology and implementation. With our innovation culture, toolbox of advanced technology and outstanding geoscience expertise and experience, our surveys benefit from bespoke solutions to overcome the challenges and geology unique to each location.


Challenge: Illuminating shallow targets
Solution: TopSeis™

TopSeis was designed to solve the problem of missing near offsets in modern 3D surveys, and is just one of a range of innovative geometries we have designed to overcome specific illumination challenges.


Challenge: Deep Imaging to 20 km
Solution: BroadSeis™

BroadSeis delivers the broadest bandwidths with the best low-noise low frequencies for deep imaging. We have recorded clear data down to 20 km and beyond in our multi-client surveys offshore NW Australia and Gabon.


Challenge: Illuminating Beneath Complex Overburdens
Solution: StagSeis

StagSeis is a 'next-generation' solution for subsalt imaging designed to reduce exploration and production risk by providing the best seismic images below complex salt in the Gulf of Mexico. It addresses the most challenging areas where conventional wide azimuth acquisition fails to illuminate targets below complex overburdens. It includes a patented acquisition design (staggered vessel configuration) with very long offsets (up to 20 km) and full azimuth coverage (up to 10 km) for improved illumination.

Offshore - TopSeis


A next-generation marine solution for acquiring zero and near offsets to improve the imaging of shallow and intermediate targets.
Offshore - BroadSeis


Broadest bandwidth, best low frequencies deliver accurate models for better decisions. Choose BroadSeis at all stages from exploration to production.

Offshore - StagSeis


Illuminate subsalt and basalt like never before. Reduce exploration and production risk. Ultra long-offset, full-azimuth broadband for unparalleled interpretation.
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