StagSeis™ is a 'next-generation' solution for subsalt imaging, designed to reduce exploration and production risk by providing the best seismic images below complex salt. It addresses the most challenging areas where conventional wide azimuth acquisition fails to illuminate targets below complex overburdens. It includes a patented acquisition design (staggered vessel configuration) with very long offsets (up to 20 km) and full azimuth coverage (up to 10 km) for improved illumination.

StagSeis data exampleStagSeis improves illumination beneath complex overburdens compared with standard wide-azimuth.

Features and Benefits

  • Ultra-long inline offset up to 20 km
    • Improves subsalt velocity accuracy
    • Images steep dips
  • Effective full azimuth coverage up to 10 km
    • Improves illumination of complex geology
    • Allows more accurate salt model building
    • Improves natural multiple attenuation
  • Linear tow
    • Consistent, regular azimuth, offset and fold distribution
    • Compatible with conventional WAZ processing techniques
      • Field data immediately available
      • Faster turnaround times
  • Compatible with BroadSeis
    • Improves low frequencies for enhanced imaging below difficult geology (e.g. subsalt and sub-basalt)
    • Greater stability for seismic inversion