A Unique Solution for Acquiring Near Offsets

TopSeis™ is a next-generation marine towed-streamer acquisition solution, delivering a step-change in imaging for shallow to intermediate depth targets by providing massively increased near-offset coverage from a split spread with zero offsets. It is the outcome of over eight years of technical collaboration between CGG and Lundin Norway AS, with additional funding from the Research Council of Norway.

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TopSeis is a tailored solution, specifically designed to improve imaging of shallow and intermediate-depth targets by overcoming the lack of near-offset fold inherent in towed-streamer seismic. TopSeis achieves this by using an innovative source-over-spread acquisition configuration and proprietary processing algorithms.

Based on ideas and continuous support from Lundin, TopSeis has been developed over the last four years by a multi-disciplinary team of CGG and Sercel equipment, marine acquisition and geoscience experts, using synthetic data and field trials to derive optimum configurations for specific targets and to develop methods to deploy these configurations safely. It capitalizes on CGG’s long-standing broadband capabilities. 


  • High fold with increased near-offset coverage
  • High resolution
  • Dense crossline separation
  • Zero offsets
  • Crossline offsets
  • Full azimuth at near offsets


  • Enhanced imaging of shallow and intermediate reservoirs
  • Better S/N from increased fold
  • Improved AVO from increased fold and recorded zero-offset data
  • Considerably lower-cost solution than OBS
  • Better multiple attenuation from increased near-offset coverage
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CGG would like to acknowledge the contributions made by Lundin Norway and the Research Council of Norway in the development of TopSeis
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