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Airborne gravity gradiometer (AGG) surveys provide the ability to explore large areas for only a fraction of the cost of 2D and 3D seismic surveys. This allows a greater return on subsequent exploration investments by prioritizing the areas for further exploration. As explorers focus on increasingly deeper targets with subtle geophysical signatures the noise level of the AGG instrument is of primary importance to increase detectability.

CGG’s FALCON® technology is the only gravity gradiometer designed specifically for use in light aircraft, and was engineered to isolate the instrument from aircraft-induced noise. Since 1999, more than 3 million line-kilometers of FALCON data have been acquired. The FALCON system is acknowledged as having the lowest survey data noise of all available AGG systems…until now.

FALCON Plus is the newest release in the highly successful suite of FALCON systems. Multiple improvements in hardware, software, and data acquisition technology enable FALCON Plus to deliver half the noise of the FALCON system. In addition, FALCON Plus provides 20 times better spatial resolution (150m vs. 3000m) and up to 10 times higher accuracy (0.1 mGal vs. 1.0 mGal) than conventional airborne gravity.

FALCON Plus exhibits a minimum sensitivity to air turbulence and routinely covers in excess of 2,000 km2 per week in a fixed-wing aircraft. This translates into very rapid data acquisition, when contrasted to ground-based gravity acquisition.

Unique to FALCON technology, FALCON Plus incorporates two separate gravity gradiometer instruments onboard the aircraft. This allows for immediate assessment of the system noise, assuring consistently high quality data.

FALCON Plus - the world’s best airborne gravity gradiometer
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FALCON Plus can be considered for detailed mapping of near-surface geology due to its lower noise. This is particularly applicable to estimation of velocity and thickness variations which play a major role in the computation of seismic static corrections. Thus, ultimately, FALCON Plus can contribute to improved imaging of deeper layers. Significant deviations in near-surface layer velocity and thickness can be caused by meandering river channels or variations in thickness of glacial till. These subtle signatures are more easily detectable with FALCON Plus and provide an independent set of near-surface geological information to be exploited by advanced seismic static-correction algorithms. FALCON Plus also allows the detection of ever smaller geological features – the technology is currently being trialed for detection and avoidance of near-surface cavities when drilling in karst terrains.

Additionally, the higher accuracy of FALCON Plus compared to conventional airborne gravity results in superior mapping of basement topography to depths exceeding 6,000 m. This information can be used to de-risk further exploration efforts by optimizing the layout of any subsequent seismic data acquisition programs. This approach has been taken recently by Australian petroleum explorers who have used FALCON Plus to rapidly and cost-effectively map the basement structures over large areas of Western Australia. These exploration companies played a vital role in allowing CGG to refine the workflows associated with the low-noise characteristics of FALCON Plus.

Multi-Physics - Falcon® for Oil & Gas

Falcon® for Oil & Gas

FALCON is the world’s only Airborne Gravity Gradiometer designed for the rigors of airborne surveying.  Make fast, cost-effective exploration decisions using FALCON.
Multi-Physics - Success in the Canning Basin

Success in the Canning Basin

Airborne Gravity Gradiometry (AGG) Surveys in the Canning Basin provide a cost effective way of exploring. Buru's exploration department use it on a daily basis.

Multi-Physics - Falcon® AGG Course

Falcon® AGG Course

The online Falcon® AGG Course gives an overview of the fundamentals of how the data is acquired, processed, and interpreted; along with some history of the system development.


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