HeliFALCON™ represents the finest gravity data that can be collected in the air, and is the only purpose-built airborne gravity gradiometer (AGG) system deployable on a helicopter platform. It builds on the success of our FALCON technology.

HeliFALCON flies lower and slower, providing a superior signal-to- noise ratio at short wavelengths and therefore better resolution for detailed target mapping.

It opens up areas with rugged terrain for surveying with the world’s highest-resolution airborne gravity gradiometer system – FALCON. Areas of remote and rugged topography, such as Papua New Guinea or the South American Andes, can pose significant challenges for ground-based gravity acquisition. Ground based techniques can become unfeasible, either due to financial costs or unacceptable occupational risks. CGG’s FALCON technology can overcome these hurdles, and in areas of extreme topography HeliFALCON can provide near-perfect terrain-following capabilities. This enables collection of safer, faster and more accurate gravity data.

In areas of extreme topography HeliFALCON can provide near-perfect terrain-following capabilities enabling collection of safer, faster and more accurate gravity data"

HeliFALCON has been used in many areas of the world to provide exceptional quality gravity data to explorers. Examples of the wide range of applications for HeliFALCON include oil exploration in the remote highlands of Papua New Guinea, mineralized base metal detection in Canada, and geothermal targeting in the mountains of Japan (see image above).

Additionally, for large surveys that require the sensitivity of land gravity data, HeliFALCON can provide a cost and time advantage with comparable data quality

Multi-Physics - Integrated Geological Interpretation

Integrated Geological Interpretation

The strength of the Multi-Physics offering is the ability to map several unique rock properties and integrate these with multiple complementary data sources as dictated by the geological challenge.

Multi-Physics - Falcon® for Minerals

Falcon® for MINERALS

Falcon® gives you the edge for mineral exploration.  Fixed-wing or helicopter platforms mean high-resolution gravity data in all environments.

Multi-Physics - Lalor

Lalor Deposit HTEM

CGG flew the HELITEM® time-domain electromagnetic (TDEM) as a test survey over the Lalor Volcanogenic Massive Sulphide (VMS) deposit in early 2012.


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