Fixed Wing EM

Fixed-Wing EM

CGG Multi-Physics offers you a choice of in-house designed and manufactured fixed wing EM systems. Why? Because your geology deserves a no-compromise approach to exploration. Covering large areas quickly, and collecting multiple datasets, our fixed wing EM systems can be the workhorse of your exploration or mapping program.



It’s hip to be square. The Tempest® fixed wing TDEM system’s square transmitter waveform lets you image geology from the near-surface to moderate depth. Covering large areas quickly, let our TDEM systems be the workhorse of your exploration program.

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Multi-Physics - FTEM Mapping Showcase

FTEM Mapping Showcase

The definitive Multi-Physics large scale mapping tool yields stunning results in the Namibian desert.
Multi-Physics - Integrated Geological Interpretation

Integrated Geological Interpretation

The strength of the Multi-Physics offering is the ability to map several unique rock properties and integrate these with multiple complementary data sources as dictated by the geological challenge.

Multi-Physics - Lalor

Lalor Deposit HTEM

CGG flew the HELITEM® time-domain electromagnetic (TDEM) as a test survey over the Lalor Volcanogenic Massive Sulphide (VMS) deposit in early 2012.


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Webinar - Falcon Plus


The world's best Airborne Gravity Gradiometer is now even better!

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