MP Imagin HeaderMulti-Physics Imaging has the largest and most diverse non-seismic presence in the industry. As a powerful part of the wider CGG strategy we are able to provide integrated, flexible and high-end imaging solutions to meet the ever-evolving expectations of the geoscience community.

Using in-house developed software, Multi-Physics Imaging specializes in the analysis, inversion, and interpretation of multiple domain data. Through the intelligent use of data driven inversions, our focus is on generating geologically reliable solutions to geoscience problems.

Geological Interpretation

Integrated Geological Interpretation

Integration of all available geological and geophysical data, including seismic and well data, is key to producing high quality geological interpretations

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Modelling & Inversion

Geophysical Modelling & Inversion

Create, evaluate, validate.
Our experts have the tools to intelligently combine your Multi-Physics data and turn it into actionable geologic information.

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3D magnetic inversion basement


From simple forward models to inversions constrained by seismic and well information, our specialized software products will help you capitalize on your multi-physics data.

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Multi-Physics - Success in the Canning Basin

Success in the Canning Basin

Airborne Gravity Gradiometry (AGG) Surveys in the Canning Basin provide a cost effective way of exploring. Buru's exploration department use it on a daily basis.

Multi-Physics - FalconĀ® Plus

Falcon® Plus

Depend on the world’s lowest-noise gravity gradiometer designed specifically for airborne use to deliver high quality gravity data.
Multi-Physics - Lalor

Lalor Deposit HTEM

CGG flew the HELITEM® time-domain electromagnetic (TDEM) as a test survey over the Lalor Volcanogenic Massive Sulphide (VMS) deposit in early 2012.


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Webinar - Falcon Plus


The world's best Airborne Gravity Gradiometer is now even better!

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