Geophysical Modelling & Inversion

Modelling and Inversion

The modelling and inversion capability of CGG Multi-Physics Imaging is the pinnacle of our integrated service offering; powered by the depth of our non-seismic expertise, and in-house developed algorithms producing high-end, geologically consistent images of combinations of seismic, potential field and EM, integrating seismic, downhole logs and geology data.

Our services range from feasibility modelling through single domain data driven inversions to co-operative joint inversions; we are flexible and data agnostic. Airborne, land, or marine data are all equally welcome in 1D, 2D, 3D, and 4D time lapse.

The Grav-Mag and EM codes handle very large meshes, ensuring detailed, full earth modeling of topography and bathymetry. The EM solutions are anisotropic.

Potential Fields:

  • Gravity and Magnetics
  • Airborne Gravity Gradiometry (FALCON AGG and FTG)


  • Frequency and Time Domain
  • Passive (MT, ZTEM) and Controlled Source (CSEM)
  • Nodal and Streamer arrays

The depth of bespoke software we have available allows us to design the most appropriate way to solve your problem, and get your feedback on the iterative outputs to make sure we address your needs.

Joint Inversion_2At Multi-Physics Imaging we take a highly consultative approach with our clients, because nobody knows your geology better than you do. The depth of bespoke software we have available allows us to design the most appropriate way to solve your problem, and get your feedback on the iterative outputs to make sure they address your needs. Our most well-known software tools are listed below:

RLM – 3D and OTZE: 2.5D and 3D EM solvers using voxel-based inversions with flexible, regularization and optional cross-gradient inversion. Multi-grid and unstructured vertical mesh options for detailed and efficient inversion of large streamer and airborne data sets.

LCT 3Mod: 3D sharp boundary inversion of gravity, gravity gradient, and magnetic data using either stand alone or joint inversion schemes.

LCT MAGPROBE and 3DEULER: MAGPROBE™ incorporates multiple algorithms, including Werner, Euler, Naudy, SPI, Phillips as well as spectral and empirical methods. You will find user-defined parameters for magnetic body style, input field type and selective display of your desired solutions. 3D Euler deconvolution of gridded magnetic data and automatic calculation of the depth to the magnetic source.

While data driven geophysical inversions are vital to understanding the value of the data you have, it’s the ability to include a priori geological information into the inversion as a gradient dataset that sets us apart. Gradients are derived from the geological dips and strikes or from geological models and control the geophysical inversion to create geologically consistent exploration information.

Multi-Physics - Marine Services

Marine Services

From regional scale planning to prospect scale decisions; CGG’s marine gravity and magnetic solutions will improve your geological understanding.

Multi-Physics - Falcon® AGG Course

Falcon® AGG Course

The online Falcon® AGG Course gives an overview of the fundamentals of how the data is acquired, processed, and interpreted; along with some history of the system development.
Multi-Physics - FTEM Mapping Showcase

FTEM Mapping Showcase

The definitive Multi-Physics large scale mapping tool yields stunning results in the Namibian desert.


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