Integrated Geological Interpretation

Integrated Geological Interpretation

The CGG Multi-Physics interpretation team is made up of experienced geologists and geophysicists who can extract geological information from your multi-physics data sets. By integrating all available geological and geophysical data - including seismic and well data - we are able to provide well constrained geological interpretation that enriches your exploration efforts.

Both intra-basin and basement structure can be mapped efficiently using gravity gradient, gravity, magnetic, and magnetotelluric data combined with seismic data. Falcon gravity gradient data is useful to link geology between 2D seismic lines to provide an understanding of the geometry - both strike and dip - of structures. Structural interpretation maps are a valuable tool for planning follow up seismic programs, and for highlighting prospective structural hydrocarbon traps.

Structural interpretation maps from multi-physics data are a valuable tool for planning follow up seismic programs

Structural Interpretation

Profile based and 3D magnetic depth estimation procedures combined with a basement structural interpretation allows the overall basin architecture to be determined. When combined with regional geological knowledge, this information can highlight potential zones for follow-up work. Furthermore, seismic interpretation can be validated and updated by gravity, gravity gradient and magnetic data modelling along seismic lines.

Driven initially by mineral exploration requirements, CGG Multi-Physics has developed airborne electromagnetic (AEM) systems for multiple near-surface mapping uses. Increasingly EM data is being used to augment petroleum exploration programs, including near-surface issues, mitigate drilling risks, and delineating water resources.

At CGG Multi-Physics we have the ability to produce 3D geological models incorporating intra-sedimentary and basement structure by combining interpretation from seismic, gravity, magnetic, electromagnetic, magnetotelluric and well data. Importantly, this work is done efficiently, allowing you time to make important exploration decisions.

Multi-Physics - FalconĀ® for Oil & Gas

Falcon® for Oil & Gas

FALCON is the world’s only Airborne Gravity Gradiometer designed for the rigors of airborne surveying.  Make fast, cost-effective exploration decisions using FALCON.
Multi-Physics - FTEM Mapping Showcase

FTEM Mapping Showcase

The definitive Multi-Physics large scale mapping tool yields stunning results in the Namibian desert.
Multi-Physics - Lalor

Lalor Deposit HTEM

CGG flew the HELITEM® time-domain electromagnetic (TDEM) as a test survey over the Lalor Volcanogenic Massive Sulphide (VMS) deposit in early 2012.


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