Create, evaluate, validate. From simple forward models to inversions constrained by seismic and well information, our specialized software products will help you capitalize on your multi-physics data. Developed in-house by industry-leading R&D geophysicists, CGG understands the need for integration of multiple data sources and the output of results to your seismic workflow.

With products for potential field (LCT Suite) and electric methods (Geotools), Multi-Physics Imaging supports most types of non-seismic data.


2D Modelling

Validate seismic interpretation with our intuitive profile modelling tool. Salt geometry carbonate v clastics, volcanics, depth to basement?

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3D Modelling

Geology is 3D, and your models should be too. Construct salt geometry as well as basin structure and stratigraphy for integration with your seismic. Let our Multi-Physics software guide you.

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Deep, deeper, deepest? Get the right answers from our magnetic depth modelling software and understand your basement and volcanics. Let our Multi-Physics software guide you.

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Display, model, analyze; in 1D and 2D. Invert and model your magnetotelluric and time domain EM data with Geotools.

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Multi-Physics - Integrated Geological Interpretation

Integrated Geological Interpretation

The strength of the Multi-Physics offering is the ability to map several unique rock properties and integrate these with multiple complementary data sources as dictated by the geological challenge.

Multi-Physics - Measurement While Drilling

Measurement While Drilling

Improve accuracy of directional drilling and reduce risk with our geomagnetic referencing services for Measurement While Drilling.

Multi-Physics - Falcon® AGG Course

Falcon® AGG Course

The online Falcon® AGG Course gives an overview of the fundamentals of how the data is acquired, processed, and interpreted; along with some history of the system development.


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The world's best Airborne Gravity Gradiometer is now even better!

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