Enabling Technology

The majority of our equipment is supplied by Sercel, but in addition we have a number of proprietary technologies designed by our innovative marine technology R&D team. These include, amongst other things, a suite of advanced source technologies, improvements to foils and deflectors, workboat safety improvements and barnacle cleaning devices.

marine equipment

We learn from our experiences and consult widely with our clients, so are aware of their needs. Our vessels are equipped with the latest technology, including advanced steering and monitoring systems for 4D and industry-leading low-noise Sentinel streamers. All of our vessels can deploy the BroadSource™ broadband source and acquire over 6.5 octaves of high-quality seismic signal.

Offshore - Broadband Toolbox

Broadband Solutions

Flexibility is the key to a successful project. CGG offers a toolbox of broadband solutions to help you acquire the data you want.

Offshore - FSC

Full Source Characterization

Full characterization of the source signature, monitored in near real time to enable the most accurate designature.
Offshore - People and Service

People and Service

Our experienced people make the difference, being knowledgeable, reliable and open, with the resources and expertise to go the extra mile.

Offshore - 4D Solutions

4D Solutions

Our 4D toolbox ensures seismic repeatability via powerful integrated vessel, source and streamer steering with source signature monitoring .
Offshore - Fleet

Our Fleet

Our fully-modernised, versatile, high-end fleet, positioned regionally, provides maximum availability with local experience complementing our global expertise and technical excellence.
Offshore - Source Technology Solutions

Source Technology Solutions

Our advanced source technology creates the right energy for your data and accurately monitors what has actually been delivered to maximize source resolution, stability and fidelity.