Streamer Steering

Sercel Nautilus integrated streamer control device

The 3-in-1 Sercel Nautilus® device provides acoustic positioning, depth control and automatic steering in one integrated unit. Nautilus regularizes the spread automatically to give better 3D coverage, and provides greatly improved 4D repeatability by combining this with feather-matching, depth control and more accurate steering to pre-plot positions.

steered streamers
The unique Nautilus three-wing design provides the
highest steering force in the industry

The combination of Nautilus and the industry-leading Sentinel Solid Streamer® provides the quietest steered streamer available. Nautilus provides options for great operational flexibility:

  • regularize spread to a designated master streamer
  • steer master and regularize rest of spread to follow
  • independent steering of any or all of the streamers


  • Single integrated unit, purpose-designed for Sentinel streamers, providing:
  • Streamer positioning with full acoustic bracing
  • Streamer depth control
  • Streamer steering
  • Streamer powered
  • Automatic regularization of streamer separation and depth
  • Advanced acoustic network provides accurate positioning along the full length of the streamer
  • Redundant telemetry and power supply systems
  • Advanced hydrodynamic design provides powerful steering


  • No routine lithium battery shipments nautilus
  • Fewer workboat trips so less in-water HSE exposure
  • Safer operations near offshore installations
  • Fewer devices on streamer
  • Quieter when steered due to reduction of the vortex on front side of streamer caused by crossflow.
  • Improved 4D repeatability
  • Improved full streamer positioning
  • Reduced infill due to uniform streamer shape
  • Better control of denser streamer spreads  
nautilus spread nautilus rack

The Nautilus node contains all the acoustic, depth and steering electronics. The wing assembly is a mechanical interface only, which clamps onto the node for easy and safe installation. The patented three control surface design and linkage provides maximum steering power and stability with minimum streamer noise, all optimized specifically for seismic acquisition speeds (5 knots).

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