Advanced Fast-Track on-board processing

Very Fast-Track PSTM

CGG provides on-board processing tailored to our clients’ specific needs. These can vary from acquisition QC requirements or a first look at the data to a heavy processing sequence which may include 3D SRME, PSTM or even PSDM using our industry-leading Subsurface Imaging, enabling decisions to be made in a short time period. Depending on the product required, the timing and the circumstances, there may be a split between onshore and offshore processing.

Gabon tslice Full ultra-fast track 3D PSTM on 12,000km2 data offshore Gabon, courtesy CGG data library


  • On-Board Processing (OBP) tailored to client requirements
  • Additional hardware and experienced subsurface imaging personnel enable:
    • Full 3D SRME on-board (18,000km2 WAZ data)
    • Full PSTM on-board (12,000km2)
  • Can be combined seamlessly with our onshore subsurface imaging teams for record-breaking data delivery
    • Fast track pre-stack depth imaging delivered 4 days after last acquired shotpoint for 4,200km2


  • A reliable Fast-Track subsurface imaging product delivered soon after last shot provides:
  • A first look at the data for initial interpretation
  • Early preliminary decision making
  • Helps to evaluate best processing parameters for full onshore processing
  • Enables sharing of advanced Fast Track processing sequence between offshore and onshore

Advanced on-board processing

  • Advanced Processing System and experienced subsurface imaging personnel available on selected vessels
  • Enables full 3D SRME, pre-stack time migration or other intensive sequences to be performed on-board
    • 3D SRME performed on approx 18,000km2 BWATS data (broadband, wide-azimuth data) and gathers delivered 2 weeks after last shot
    • Isotropic full 3D Kirchhoff PSTM run on 12,000 km2 and delivered 3 weeks after last shot

Combined offshore/onshore processing with satellite transfer

A reduced dataset can be transferred by satellite to an onshore processing centre for velocity modeling prior to receipt of final data, enabling:

  • 4200km2 fast track PSDM  delivered 4 days after last acquired shot with:
    • pre-imaging data conditioning performed onboard
    • tomographic salt model building and RTM performed onshore
  • New iDirect technology to improve satellite transfer traffic
  • Close co-operation between onshore and offshore subsurface imaging crews
  • Workflows customized to meet our clients’ needs

Tailored Sequences

Our world-renowned Subsurface Imaging teams will tailor the processing sequence to the geology and to match your requirements. The same software is used both on and offshore, so depending on the sequence, processing and imaging may be carried out entirely offshore, or partially performed onshore with seamless co-operation between groups.

Offshore - People and Service

People and Service

Our experienced people make the difference, being knowledgeable, reliable and open, with the resources and expertise to go the extra mile.

Multi-Client Data - Gabon


Over 25,000km2 PSDM seismic data available as part of a complete geoscience package including regional geological analysis in this prospective area.
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