People and Service

The Service Difference

Delivering excellence is not just about technology. Our experienced people make the difference. In addition to safe operations, quiet streamers and high quality data, CGG provides an integrated service that spans the entire project life cycle, from conception through operation planning, to acquisition and reporting:

  • Detailed planning and feasibility studies allow optimization of all acquisition parameters
    • streamer length, depth and offset
    • source depth and size
    • feasibility studies for benefit and efficiency of wide azimuth or coil acquisition and over-under cables, etc.
  • seismic crew
  • Shore-based personnel, assigned to support each crew, follow acquisition projects from start to finish and remain in constant liaison with the crew, operations support staff and, most importantly, the client.
  • Pool of onshore and offshore personnel with extensive project experience to ensure overall data quality and operational efficiency.
  • Our flexible approach to operations and dedication to problem-solving encourages all staff to be alert to problems and innovative in finding solutions. The wealth of experience in our crews means that if the unexpected happens they know what to do.
  • Our onboard processing teams work in close collaboration with our world-renowned onshore Subsurface Imaging group to deliver the best quality fast track products 
  • This unique combination of skills allows CGG to execute all types of surveys with consistent results – 2D, 3D, 4D, Wide Azimuth, long-offset and undershoot surveys.
proc crew

Flexibility and Experience

Service is not just about technology. The experience of the crew means that they can often provide simple straightforward solutions for problems that might otherwise require a port call.

In a recent survey in the Far East, early QC plots of the data showed that it was not being recorded with long enough offsets to resolve the target. Due to the flexibility of the system, the spares carried and the efficiency of the crew, it was possible to extend the streamers from six to eight kilometers with the minimum of disruption.
While shooting a survey in the Beaufort Sea, the shallow water depths in one area were considered to be a threat to the streamer lead-ins used in conventional configurations. To keep the spread from being too deep, but not exacerbate problems with the ice by adding extra floats, the crew developed innovative new rigging techniques. This system worked, with no incidents of any kind associated with the streamer deployment and rigging system

Our experienced people make the difference:

  • Knowledgeable about how acquisition quality impacts processing result
  • Reliable and transparent
  • Resources and expertise to go the extra mile
  • Continuous improvement and operational efficiency
  • Personal commitment to HSE through care and protect
Offshore - HSE

Offshore HSE

Safety is always of prime importance. Standard training and strict environmental procedures are enforced on all vessels.
Offshore - Bespoke Multi-Vessel Solutions

Bespoke Multi-Vessel Solutions

We tailor our acquisition to meet your specific geological or operational challenge, don't settle for a one-size-fits-all survey.
Offshore - OBP

On-Board Processing

Advanced Processing Systems and experienced personnel enable intensive sequences to be performed on-board for truly fast-track datasets
Offshore - TopSeis


A next-generation marine solution for acquiring zero and near offsets to improve the imaging of shallow and intermediate targets.
Offshore - 4D Solutions

4D Solutions

Our 4D toolbox ensures seismic repeatability via powerful integrated vessel, source and streamer steering with source signature monitoring .
Offshore - Arctic Exploration

Arctic Exploration

Environmentally friendly C-Class vessels. Extreme conditions are no match for our solid streamers. Our people are resourceful. Our experience is deep.

Offshore (Marine)


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