Enhance Illumination

With Tailored Marine Acquisition Solutions

CGG offers acquisition solutions designed to help improve illumination beneath complex geologies. Tailored seismic acquisition designs, with complementary imaging technology matched to the local geology, provide seismic data to meet the objectives for each reservoir.


As an integrated geoscience company, CGG uses our geological knowledge, subsurface imaging expertise and survey evaluation and design (SED) experience to design the optimum acquisition configurations to image specific objectives, within any constraints of regulations, time or budget, rather than use a “one size fits all” approach.

Our GeoConsulting teams, subsurface imaging and marine technology experts collaborate with oil company specialists to design bespoke surveys, with optimized acquisition parameters to deliver the best images and data to characterize the reservoir objectives, within budgetary and timeline constraints.

Acquisition design has evolved in conjunction with other key improvements in seismic acquisition and imaging technology to allow optimized configurations to be provided for specific imaging challenges.

Multi-Vessel solutions

Where a wide or full range of azimuths and/or ultra-long offsets are required, multi-vessel acquisition usually supplies the most practical solution. The actual range and distribution of offsets and azimuths required depends on the water depth and geometry of the overburden.

StagSeis2Gulf of Mexico - StagSeis

In the Gulf of Mexico the challenge is to image below the complex salt canopies. In this area full azimuths and ultra-long offsets provide better illumination and improved velocity and anisotropy modeling. Broad bandwidths provide low frequencies for subsalt penetration and high frequencies for resolution of the overburden. StagSeis was developed to deliver the required illumination improvement with noise and multiple attenuation from full azimuths to 9km offset and inline offsets to 18km.

Offshore West Africa - B-WATS

Offshore West Africa the subsalt challenge is different due to the shallower waters and the differently shaped salt bodies, which tend to have flat tops and rugged undersides. Here fold density, wide azimuths  and penetration are more important than ultra-long offsets. The shallower water means that multiples are more of a problem so sufficient near offsets are required for good-quality model-building.


Our solution was B-WATS, which uses a single multi-streamer vessel with two additional source vessels to acquire data in 3 passes of BroadSeis data on each of 4 orthogonal headings. In any given pass only four sources are used (2 flip-flop), allowing  more time for source maintenance. A Narrow-Azimuth dataset is acquired as part of the program which can be used as a fast track dataset.  This configuration has a higher shooting plan flexibility and shorter acquisition time than conventional WAZ geometries.

Benefits of integrated approaches for solving...

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Staggered marine acquisition design for compl...

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Offshore - StagSeis


Illuminate subsalt and basalt like never before. Reduce exploration and production risk. Ultra long-offset, full-azimuth broadband for unparalleled interpretation.
Offshore - Multi-Source


Add an extra source to increase efficiency without compromising quality, or to increase resolution without increasing acquisition turnaround time.
Offshore - BroadSeis Subsalt

BroadSeis Subsalt

The broad bandwidths with ultra-low frequencies achieved by BroadSeis are ideal for subsalt imaging without compromising high frequency shallow resolution.
Offshore - BroadSeis Sub-basalt

BroadSeis Sub-Basalt

The ultra-low frequencies delivered by BroadSeis are ideal for deep penetration and imaging below basalt.
Offshore - TopSeis


A next-generation marine solution for acquiring zero and near offsets to improve the imaging of shallow and intermediate targets.
Offshore - Tailored Acquisition Solutions

Tailored Acquisition Solutions

Acquisition tailored to your geological challenges, time or budgetary constraints. Innovative spread designs and imaging solutions for complex geologies or time-limited or difficult access.
Offshore (Marine)


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