BroadSeis for Development

BroadSeisTM allows you to develop optimal development plans as its superior bandwidth enables better interpretation. The high frequencies provide shallow hazard information, the broad bandwidths simplify interpretation and the low frequencies deliver detailed facies discrimination and more quantitative and reliable inversion results for improved lithology prediction.

NWAus Inversion

Reservoir-quality seismic

BroadSeis delivers the broadest bandwidths available, with the optimal signal-to-noise ratio at low frequencies, for the best possible reservoir image:

  • High resolution provides better delineation of thin layers and subtle traps
  • The low frequencies are ideal for Full Waveform Inversion to provide extremely detailed velocity models
  • Better resolution gives better volumetric analysis and estimates of hydrocarbons in place

Accurate quantitative inversion

In conventional seismic the lithology prediction away from wells depends on additional information or assumptions about the ‘background model’, i.e. the low-frequency trend in the subsurface acoustic properties. With BroadSeis ultra-low frequencies no additional data or assumptions are needed. This makes predicting lithology away from wells more reliable with BroadSeis data.


The best reservoir model

The physical broad bandwidths acquired by BroadSeis deliver the most accurate inversion attributes and enable detailed interpretation and facies discrimination. Our Seismic Reservoir Characterization and Robertson groups within our GeoConsulting business line provide advanced reservoir characterization  services for detailed reservoir models and better field development plans

BroadSeis bandwidth

The unrivalled low-noise, low-frequency response of Sercel Sentinel® solid streamers, combined with the BroadSeis proprietary curved streamer shape, delivers the optimal signal-to-noise ratio at low frequencies, recording quality signal down to 2Hz. Combined with BroadSourceTM, CGG’s synchronized multi-level broadband source, the upper frequency limit is bounded only by the Nyquist frequency delivering an unrivalled bandwidth of over 6 octaves at 2 msec sampling. This broad bandwidth produces a sharp wavelet without sidelobes for events that are single peaks or troughs, corresponding to genuine geological layers, clarifying impedance contrasts and creating sharp images of small features and thin layers.

Volumetric Analysis

BroadSeis ultra-low frequencies

  • Are ideal for FWI to create the best subsurface images
  • Deliver reliable, accurate inversion and lithology prediction to understand reservoir quality and recovery factors, even in areas away from existing wells
  • Provide easy identification of facies variations

Better volumetric analysis for accurate reserve prediction

The broad bandwidth of BroadSeis delivers wavelets without sidelobes, so that the actual geologic signature of events can be identified. This gives accurate images that are representative of the geology to provide better volumetric analyses and better economic evaluations.
In this example from CGG's multi-client Cornerstone data, showing the Dornoch in the Central North Sea, the division of the wavelet into two distinct peaks is clearly identifiable, indicating the increased extent of the reservoir.

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Offshore - Low Frequency Recording

Ultra-Low Frequency Recording

See below salt and basalt. Build better reservoir models. Record useful data down to 2.5 Hz with Sentinel.
Offshore - BroadSeis AVO & Inversion

BroadSeis AVO & Inversion

The low frequencies achieved by BroadSeis deliver stable inversion results, even away from existing wells making lithology prediction more reliable
Offshore - BroadSource & BroadSeis

BroadSource & BroadSeis

Get the widest bandwidth and highest frequencies from ghost-free wavelets without compromising low frequencies. Available in flip-flop mode across the fleet.
Offshore - GeoHazards

Solutions for Geohazards

Clear, high-resolution near-surface images to delineate the smallest structures. Over 6 octaves of data from BroadSource for shallow hazard identification.
Subsurface Imaging - FWI

Full Waveform Inversion

Reveal intricate velocity details for the clearest images. Harness seismic low frequencies from BroadSeis, StagSeis, seabed and land data.

Subsurface Imaging - Q Tomography

Q Tomography

Build accurate models of amplitude and phase anomalies, then compensate for their effects using Q PSDM.
Offshore (Marine)


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