Improve Efficiency

For Marine Towed-Streamer Surveys

CGG has a number of technologies that have been developed to improve efficiency, either by acquiring data faster or by extending the weather window to reduce downtime. In addition we can reduce the overall survey turnaround times by collaborating with our Subsurface Imaging groups to either get data to shore quickly or perform advanced processing onboard.

whales storm

Acquisition time can often be limited due to:

  • Environmental constraints
    • Fisheries, spawning, whale migration etc
  • Seasonal constraints
      • bad weather, ice, monsoon etc
    • Business deadlines
        • drilling commitments. license rounds etc

      Standard acquisition, even wide-tow and ultra-wide tow can be too slow, incurring additional costs and time due to:

      • having to leave and return the following season to complete
      • operating with reduced efficiency during poor weather

      Multi-vessel solutions

      CGG can design multi-vessel solutions which have improved efficiency by up to 50%, to deliver peace of mind for our customers with time-critical projects. These give asset teams more time to evaluate the data and so facilitate better decision making as well as ensuring that license round commitments can be met and drilling plans respected.

      WidePass HD


      WidePass HD consists of a source/streamer vessel & an additional source vessel to increase the width of subsurface coverage to more than can be achieved by any existing single vessel, while minimizing the surface footprint. It is designed as an alternative to an ultra-wide spread for fast coverage for time-limited acquisition and for cost-effective frontier area exploration in deep water (neither WidePass or ultra-wide spreads are suitable for shallow water or complex geology). It delivers large areal coverage in roughly 50% of the time of conventional acquisition, with the same bin size, fold, and trace density. It has the same efficiency, as using an ultra-wide spread, but does not suffer from the lack of maneuverability and extended line turns and can provide a larger spread than any existing vessel

      SynAcq - Synchronized Acquisition

      SynAcq is designed for short season surveys where it is necessary to deploy two vessels at the same tome to acquire the survey area. It deploys two vessels with active seismic interference (SI) management and attenuation, using integrated acquisition and seismic imaging for expert onboard processing and SI removal. Proprietary command and control is integrated into the navigation system so that with synchronized acquisition controlled by SeaProNav 4, CGG can acquire data with only such SI that CGG processing can attenuate, providing data in roughly half the time without compromising quality. Two vessels reduce the risk of total operation shutdown due to vessel or spread failure and optimize timeshare slots as 2 CGG vessels can co-exist during their respective slots.

      Multi-Source Solutions

      By deploying additional sources CGG can increase efficiency without compromising trace density (or can increase crossline resolution without compromising turnaround time). This is one of many new geometries enabled by our SyncSource™ technology and continuous recording.


      On-Board Processing

      CGG can also offer advanced on-board processing (OBP) from our world-renowned Subsurface Imaging group  tailored to client requirements. Additional hardware on some vessels enabled us to perform full 3D SRME on-board for a survey offshore Angola. OBP can be combined seamlessly with our on-shore subsurface imaging team for record breaking data delivery, for a survey offshore Morocco, 4,200km2 of fast track depth imaging was delivered 4 days after last the acquired shotpoint.

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      Offshore - SynAcq


      When data needs to be acquired quickly, SynAcq may halve the acquisition time, without changing the acquisition parameters.
      Offshore - WidePass


      In frontier exploration areas, with suitable geology, WidePass can increase the subsurface footprint to reduce survey acquisition time.
      Offshore - Multi-Source


      Add an extra source to increase efficiency without compromising quality, or to increase resolution without increasing acquisition turnaround time.
      Offshore - People and Service

      People and Service

      Our experienced people make the difference, being knowledgeable, reliable and open, with the resources and expertise to go the extra mile.

      Offshore - OBP

      On-Board Processing

      Advanced Processing Systems and experienced personnel enable intensive sequences to be performed on-board for truly fast-track datasets
      Offshore - BroadSeis Op Efficiency

      BroadSeis Operational Efficiency

      Widen the weather window and extend the acquisition season with BroadSeis deep-towed, low-noise streamers.
      Offshore (Marine)


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