Increase Efficiency or Resolution

The deployment of three sources to increase efficiency without compromising trace density, or to increase crossline resolution without compromising turnaround time, is one of the many new geometries enabled by our SyncSource™ technology and continuous recording. Multi-Source is just one of the innovative geometry options now available in our acquisition toolbox. It is fully compatible with BroadSource™.

triple source geometry

Multi-Source Benefits

Multi-Source acquisition can deliver increased efficiency or increased trace density and resolution without compromising data quality:

  • Increase efficiency with wider streamer separation while preserving trace density to maintain crossline resolution
  • Increase crossline resolution with the same streamer separation without increasing turnaround time
  • Continuous recording provides the option for any length of shot record for deep illumination
  • Fully compatible with BroadSource
  • Reduced HSE exposure due to fewer vessel passes to achieve the same data density and fewer streamers in the water, so reduced barnacle issues and fewer work boat missions
  • CGG Subsurface Imaging expertise for optimal deblending.
  • Our fleet is equipped with upgraded Sercel SeaProNav navigation systems, designed to implement the controlled delays required for blended acquisition

A Range of Innovative Geometries

  • Our marine technology and subsurface imaging experts can advise and tailor an acquisition solution to meet your survey objectives
  • We have the survey design tools, and acquisition capabilities to acquire the right data for your geological target, your time frame and your budget
  • We can advise whether Multi-Source, or alternative SyncSource geometries (such as WidePass HD) would yield the best results, or design a custom-made acquisition geometry
  • All proposed designs using SyncSource technology are validated by our Subsurface Imaging experts on a case by case basis to ensure optimal parameterization
Offshore - Time-Critical Solutions

Time-Critical Solutions

When you need data quickly, for environmental, seasonal or business reasons, we have solutions to reduce the survey turnaround time.
Offshore - OBP

On-Board Processing

Advanced Processing Systems and experienced personnel enable intensive sequences to be performed on-board for truly fast-track datasets
Offshore - WidePass


In frontier exploration areas, with suitable geology, WidePass can increase the subsurface footprint to reduce survey acquisition time.
Offshore - Marine Source Technology

Marine Source Technology

With the combination of our broadband source and Full Source Characterization we are able to maximize source resolution, stability and fidelity.
Offshore - GeoHazards

Solutions for Geohazards

Clear, high-resolution near-surface images to delineate the smallest structures. Over 6 octaves of data from BroadSource for shallow hazard identification.
Offshore - TopSeis


A next-generation marine solution for acquiring zero and near offsets to improve the imaging of shallow and intermediate targets.
Offshore (Marine)


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