Faster acquisition for deeper water exploration and frontier areas

WidePass provides a favourable alternative to a single wide spread for faster acquisition, suitable for use in deep water exploration in frontier areas. It combines the use of a conventional streamer/source vessel with an additional source vessel as a practical alternative to a single vessel with an ultra-wide tow. In the right conditions WidePass may be able to reduce the acquisition time by 50%, enabling completion in a single season rather than needing to return the following year. This gives asset teams more time to evaluate the data.

Acquisition time can often be limited, for various reasons:

  • Environmental constraints - Fisheries, spawning, whale migration etc
  • Seasonal constraints - bad weather/ice/monsoon etc
  • Business deadlines - Drilling commitments
widepass seismic

WidePass Benefits

  • Gives asset teams more time to evaluate the data, and so facilitates better decision making for tight deadlines e.g. for licensing rounds
  • Delivers the same efficiency, the same trace density and the same fold as a physical large spread.
  • Large areal coverage in half the time of conventional acquisition, but with larger bin size (or the same bin size with WidePass HD using  Synchronized Source for denser source sampling).
  • Maximize coverage in each sail line, to double the width of your spread, without increasing the surface footprint.
  • Maneuverable in congested areas, e.g. around rigs, islands or in the Arctic.
  • More than doubles operational efficiency as no increase in line-turn duration
  • Streamer lengths can be maintained as no need for ultra-wide tow
  • Provides ultra-large spreads not achievable by any existing single vessel 
  • Deploys only one source per vessel (except in WidePass HD mode) and so has flexibility for source tuning – volume, shooting rate etc.
  • WidePass is compatible with BroadSeis and BroadSource acquisition techniques

Overall survey turnaround times can be further compressed by combining with our advanced on-board processing to deliver superior very-fast track processed data.

Tomorrow's technology, achievable today

When we combine WidePass with Synchronized Source technology, we can deliver the same bin size as well as the same fold, in roughly half the time. This is equivalent to towing 24 streamers at 100m spacing. No existing vessel can tow this size spread.

tomorrows spread

WidePass is targeted for deepwater exploration and frontier areas, it is not applicable for shallow water or complex imaging. Survey Evaluation and Design, in consultation with our Subsurface Imaging and GeoConsulting groups, is always performed before using WidePass to ensure the survey will deliver your data quality requirements within your turnaround time and budget constraints.

Offshore - Multi-Source


Add an extra source to increase efficiency without compromising quality, or to increase resolution without increasing acquisition turnaround time.
Offshore - OBP

On-Board Processing

Advanced Processing Systems and experienced personnel enable intensive sequences to be performed on-board for truly fast-track datasets
Offshore - SynAcq


When data needs to be acquired quickly, SynAcq may halve the acquisition time, without changing the acquisition parameters.
Offshore - People and Service

People and Service

Our experienced people make the difference, being knowledgeable, reliable and open, with the resources and expertise to go the extra mile.

Offshore - BroadSeis Op Efficiency

BroadSeis Operational Efficiency

Widen the weather window and extend the acquisition season with BroadSeis deep-towed, low-noise streamers.
Offshore - Reduce Exploration Risk

Reduce Exploration Risk

We have a range of technology available for exploration surveys, including some solutions specifically designed for areas where the time window for acquisition is limited.
Offshore (Marine)


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