Increase Resolution

With Broadband Marine Acquisition for Geohazard Identification

The advent of broadband acquisition and processing has delivered a step-change in the resolution of seismic data. In particular, the combination of the BroadSeis™ and BroadSource™ solutions removes both the source and receiver ghosts to deliver in excess of 6 octaves of signal, with exceptional low-noise low frequencies and high frequencies limited only by the recording sample interval and the absorption of the earth. When this technology is combined with Full Source Characterization and 3D designature and deghosting, unparalleled resolution is achieved.

NVG resolution

The exceptional resolution delivered by this combination provides the optimum resolution available and enables BroadSource-BroadSeis surveys to be used as site surveys and for geohazard identification:

  • Wavelets with minimal sidelobes for the highest-resolution ghost-free images
  • High frequencies limited only by recording sample interval and the Earth’s absorption
  • Broadest bandwidth in the industry, with best low-frequency S/N ratio: 2.5 – 200Hz, over 6 octaves in the shallow section
  • Optimum 3D spatial resolution from flip-flop dual-source arrays
iceberg scours

For even better resolution at the near surface our TopSeis solution uses a unique source-over-streamers configuration to deliver vastly increased near surface fold from a split spread with zero offsets.

Intelligent Interpolation

When data is intelligently interpolated using a 5D Fourier anti-leakage algorithm to a 6.25 x 9.375m, gas pockets of 20m and iceberg scrapes as small as 15m can be identified.

Synchronized multi-level source, a robust bro...

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TopSeis - shooting over the seismic spread

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Offshore - BroadSource


A fully proven broadband source, compatible with all receiver deghosting technology for ghost-free broadband data.
Offshore - Low Frequency Recording

Ultra-Low Frequency Recording

See below salt and basalt. Build better reservoir models. Record useful data down to 2.5 Hz with Sentinel.
Offshore - TopSeis


A next-generation marine solution for acquiring zero and near offsets to improve the imaging of shallow and intermediate targets.
Subsurface Imaging - FWI

Full Waveform Inversion

Reveal intricate velocity details for the clearest images. Harness seismic low frequencies from BroadSeis, StagSeis, seabed and land data.

Offshore - Broadband Toolbox

Broadband Solutions

Flexibility is the key to a successful project. CGG offers a toolbox of broadband solutions to help you acquire the data you want.

Offshore - Multi-Source


Add an extra source to increase efficiency without compromising quality, or to increase resolution without increasing acquisition turnaround time.
Offshore (Marine)


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