BroadSeis with BroadSource

The combination of BroadSourceTM & BroadSeisTM brings the best broadband source and receiver solutions together in one seamless package, to deliver a ghost-free broadband solution with the widest available bandwidth at 2.5 - 200Hz. This upper frequency is limited only by the sample interval Nyquist and the absorption effect of the earth. The most detailed high-resolution subsurface images are delivered by the resulting sharp wavelets without sidelobes.

Lundin comparisons new spectra


The BroadSeis-BroadSource solution

  • provides over 6 octaves of signal in the shallow section (from 2.5Hz to 200 Hz),
  • delivers ultra-high resolution of near surface detail and can be used for site surveys and shallow hazard identification
  • has all the advantages of a conventional source - stable, reliable, good directivity and available in flip-flop mode.
  • is available on all CGG vessels, with over 75,000km2 of BroadSource data so far acquired

Ghost-free broadband data

BroadSeis extends the bandwidth to both the low frequencies, by enabling the streamer to be towed deeper, and the high frequencies, by removal of the receiver ghost notch. BroadSource complements the BroadSeis receiver deghosting solution by removing the source ghost notch to extend the spectrum to the sampling interval Nyquist, without compromising the low frequencies.

glacial fill

Glacier flushes and sedimentary infill in old fjords
become visible in data acquired using BroadSeis
with BroadSource. Small features down to 15m
can be resolved

Shallow Hazard Identification

The 6 octaves of signal provided by BroadSource in the shallow section delivers incredible resolution and provides a detailed 3D image of the near surface. It becomes possible to identify sedimentary infill in old glaciation channels and clearly delineate unconformities and geohazards. This makes the data suitable for use as a site survey.

Accurate well-ties

The broad bandwidth achieved using the BroadSeis– BroadSource combination produces wavelets which represent the true formation signature, without the confusion of sidelobe noise. This provides excellent ties with well data.

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Offshore - Multi-Source


Add an extra source to increase efficiency without compromising quality, or to increase resolution without increasing acquisition turnaround time.
Subsurface Imaging - Deghosting


Remove the ghost from your towed streamer seismic pre-stack. Broaden bandwidth for clearer images. Revitalize conventional data. Fits efficiently into processing sequence.

Multi-Client Data - North Viking Graben

Northern Viking Graben

A huge integrated geoscience program covering over 35,000km2 of the Northern Viking Graben. BroadSeis-BroadSource ghost-free data with reservoir-oriented QC.
Multi-Client Data - Davros


New survey located in the Northern Carnarvon Basin, combining BroadSeisTM and BroadSourceTM to deliver exceptional data quality and reveal new exploration opportunities.

Offshore - BroadSeis


Broadest bandwidth, best low frequencies deliver accurate models for better decisions. Choose BroadSeis at all stages from exploration to production.

Offshore - Broadband 4D

Broadband 4D

A toolbox of 4D broadband options, including ultra-high frequency BroadSource, all forward and backward compatible with all other 4D solutions
Offshore (Marine)


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