Arctic Exploration

CGG has over 30 years’ experience of marine acquisition in the Arctic. To explore this area responsibly requires specialized equipment and methods, deployed by exceptional crews who work closely with local agencies to meet the environmental challenges.

Princess in Greenland

We provide the full suite of geoscience services, from survey evaluation and design, through acquisition and processing, to reservoir characterization to make your Arctic survey successful. Our Robertson group have integrated all the available data for most of the Arctic continental shelf to provide geological studies to help you design the best survey to meet your needs.

We have the specialized experience and the resources to overcome the challenges of remote location, extreme cold and environmental sensitivity required to acquire marine seismic data in these areas:

  • Arctic experience in the Beaufort and Barents Seas and offshore East and West Greenland
  • Passive Acoustic Monitoring for marine mammals deployed on all vessels with Sercel QuietSea available on request
  • Fleet powered by low emission MGO (marine gas oil)
  • Trained Marine Mammal Observers (local when possible)
  • Chase boats equipped with ice-seeking radar
  • Solid streamers - preferred (and sometimes required) in the Arctic due to their superior tensile strength and resilience to in-sea damage
  • QHSE excellence
  • Strict 'no spills' policy
  • DNV-CLEAN Ice-Class vessels.

Environmental Planning

Successful Arctic exploration requires detailed pre-survey planning for HSE (Health, Safety and the Environment) preparedness, contingency planning and environmental and cultural sensitivity.

It is important to satisfy the local communities that their interests  will be protected, as some still depend, at least in part, on the local wildlife for subsistence. To do this we employ local Marine Mammal Observers (MMO's) to monitor the safety radius and record wildlife.

Source 'soft-start' techniques are used to warn marine mammals and polar bears of pending seismic activity and to allow sufficient time for those animals to leave the vicinity.

Ice Forecasting

SAR helicopter2Ice forecasts, supported by satellite imagery, reconnaissance flights and scouting trips by the chase boats, allow careful monitoring of the ice.

Operational flexibility allows 2D data to be recorded while waiting for sufficient open water to deploy multiple streamers for a 3D survey.

There were only 42 minutes of technical downtime during an entire 55-day Beaufort Sea campaign, allowing more data to be acquired than anyone had anticipated.

HSE Planning

These areas are often remote, so fuel and food supplies have to be carefully planned. In case of emergencies, a Search and Recovery (SAR) helicopter has to be available at all times. 
Safety is always of prime importance. Standard training procedures and strict environmental procedures are enforced on all vessels.

Additional measures are required in the Arctic:

  • Specific Personal Protective Equipment
  • Man Over Board training for a 3-4 minute response in Arctic
  • Doctor and medic onboard and walking blood bank pre-organized, when survey area outside helicopter range
  • Obstacle collision avoidance procedures
  • Military supported remote casualty plan

Client Testimonials

BP North American Arctic Operations on the successful completion of the Pokak 3D seismic program in the Beaufort sea:

Detailed project planning, teamwork and significant operational flexibility allowed us to achieve incredible results..."

Client on completion of southern Greenland survey:

High professionalism demonstrated by crew and Operation Manager, efficient planning despite challenging environment, crew performed in a safe and environmental incident-free manner"

Offshore - HSE

Offshore HSE

Safety is always of prime importance. Standard training and strict environmental procedures are enforced on all vessels.
Offshore - Sentinel Solid Streamers

Sentinel Solid Streamers

Best signal-to-noise ratio. Lowest frequencies. Most reliable 4D. Widest weather window. Broadband ready. For the most demanding applications, choose Sentinel.

Offshore - Nautilus Streamer Steering

Nautilus Streamer Steering

Better 3D coverage, improved 4D repeatability, reduced infill. Integrated streamer control with acoustic positioning, depth control and automatic steering.

Offshore - Time-Critical Solutions

Time-Critical Solutions

When you need data quickly, for environmental, seasonal or business reasons, we have solutions to reduce the survey turnaround time.
Offshore - Products and Solutions

Offshore Products & Solutions

Advanced technologies and innovative solutions to address your acquisition challenges - increase resolution, enhance illumination and improve efficiency.
Offshore - Assets and Technologies

Marine Assets and Technologies

Our high-end fleet is complemented by advanced technologies and our experienced people who go the extra mile to get to get the job done
Offshore (Marine)


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