BroadSeis for Exploration

Get the broadest available bandwidths to identify targets at all levels, from BroadSeisTM marine acquisition combined with our industry-leading subsurface imaging. This delivers low-frequency penetration for deep targets, without compromising high resolution shallow data. BroadSeis provides the best low-noise low frequencies to deliver clear, unambiguous interpretation to minimize exploration risk. The broad bandwidths create wavelets without sidelobes for high resolution delineation of thin layers and subtle traps, while the low frequencies are suitable for stratigraphic interpretation and identification of sedimentary packages.


BroadSeis to clarify regional geology - Indonesia/NW Australia

This 2D line from the Timor Trough demonstrates the benefit that BroadSeis low frequencies can bring to the clarification of structure below complex geology. With BroadSeis the Eocene and Early Cretaceous unconformities can clearly be traced beneath the decollement. A detailed geological study is currently being performed in this area which may change the understanding of the regional geology.

Santos channels

BroadSeis for facies discrimination

The broad bandwidth of BroadSeis data enables interpreters to differentiate clearly between facies. The example left, from our Santos Basin multi-client data, shows how a simple petroleum fairway can be justified from the excellent detail within the seismic image, clearly showing the presence of a reservoir and a seal. The top and base channel sands within a mud-rich depositional setting can be identified by a strong black reflector illustrating an increase in impedance and a strong white reflector illustrating a decrease in impedance respectively. Background low frequencies help highlight channel sand facies with subtle, darker colours in relation to adjacent mud-rich sediments.

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Offshore - BroadSeis Subsalt

BroadSeis Subsalt

The broad bandwidths with ultra-low frequencies achieved by BroadSeis are ideal for subsalt imaging without compromising high frequency shallow resolution.
Offshore - BroadSeis Sub-basalt

BroadSeis Sub-Basalt

The ultra-low frequencies delivered by BroadSeis are ideal for deep penetration and imaging below basalt.
Multi-Client Data - Gabon


Over 25,000km2 PSDM seismic data available as part of a complete geoscience package including regional geological analysis in this prospective area.
Offshore - Arctic Exploration

Arctic Exploration

Environmentally friendly C-Class vessels. Extreme conditions are no match for our solid streamers. Our people are resourceful. Our experience is deep.

Offshore - Tailored Acquisition Solutions

Tailored Acquisition Solutions

Acquisition tailored to your geological challenges, time or budgetary constraints. Innovative spread designs and imaging solutions for complex geologies or time-limited or difficult access.
Offshore - WidePass


In frontier exploration areas, with suitable geology, WidePass can increase the subsurface footprint to reduce survey acquisition time.
Offshore (Marine)


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