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CGG is committed to achieving and maintaining excellence in all aspects of its operations and recognizes and accepts the mandate to conduct its activities in a safe and responsible manner and to provide the resources necessary to develop, operate and maintain health, safety and environmental protection policies and objectives. CGG provides a system of work procedures that protect the health and safety of its own employees, visitors, contractors and the public and at the same time minimizes the impact of its activities on the environment.

crew safety training

CGG Marine is committed to and supports a culture that:

  • Promotes a healthy lifestyle amongst all its employees
  • Develops safety awareness and responsibility at all levels
  • Protects the environment

Employees of both CGG Marine and its contractors are involved in the creation and maintenance of such a supportive culture.

CGG Marine believes that safe operations depend on a companywide culture that supports the objectives and methods described in the corporate Operating Management System, based on:

  • Desire to achieve the highest possible standards of HSE performance
  • Motivation to continuously improve HSE performance
  • Acceptance of individual responsibility and accountability for HSE performance

A cornerstone for high HSE performance is discipline in reporting all events, near misses and hazards. In CGG this is done with the reporting tool PRISM.  PRISM is a globally networked, structured, electronically distributed and controlled method of sharing QHSE records across all operating sites and units within CGG and for producing QHSE reports, verifying performance, including risk assessment and action point management. All CGG employees can access PRISM over the web


Whenever possible, a Search and Rescue (SAR) helicopter is kept on standby for emergency evacuations, but for vessels in remote locations, a doctor and upgraded medical facilities, complete with the first civilian offshore “walking blood banks” are provided on board. This makes it possible for onboard medical staff to collect fresh whole blood from crew members. Following informed consent, crew members undergo screening for infectious diseases and ABO Rh matches before mobilization.

SAR Helicopter


Safety is always of paramount importance and our standard training procedures are suitable for almost all environments. However, some additional measures are implemented to maintain the safety of the people and the ship when heading to the Arctic, for example cold weather training and adapted personal protective equipment. There is also additional Man Over Board (MOB) training to ensure a 3-4 minute recovery time. In  near-zero or sub-zero waters, unconsciousness sets in after 4-5 minutes immersion.

whales2Environmental Protection

CGG goes beyond compliance with local environmental regulations:

  • All of our vessels use low-emission MGO (Marine Gas Oil)
  • Eight of our eleven vessels are state-of-the-art DNV Clean-Class (vessels, designed for minimal environmental impact)
  • A strict “no spills” policy is enforced on all vessels in all waters.
  • To protect wildlife, Marine Mammal Observers (MMO’s), monitor exclusion zones and record wildlife observations under the supervision of independent marine biologists. 
  • CGG vessels deploy Sercel's QuietSea marine mammal monitoring system to listen for marine mammal vocalizations and complement exclusion zone monitoring around any cetaceans detected. 
  • Source ‘soft start’ techniques are used to prevent startling marine mammals and polar bears in the survey area, to warn them of pending seismic operations and to allow sufficient time for these animals to leave the immediate vicinity.
Offshore - People and Service

People and Service

Our experienced people make the difference, being knowledgeable, reliable and open, with the resources and expertise to go the extra mile.

Sustainability - Health Safety and Security

Health, Safety and Security

CGG is committed to preventing injuries, and delivering products and services that meet or exceed expectations.

Offshore - C-Class Vessels

Clean-Class Vessels

Four of our five vessels reach the exacting environmental standards of low emissions and recyclability to be classed DNV-CLEAN.
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