Advanced 4D Marine Toolbox

CGG’s advanced 4D marine acquisition package delivers optimal positional repeatability from powerful integrated source, vessel and streamer steering systems. The real-time onboard QC system combines positional validation with illumination repeatability monitoring, source signature stability QC and automatic reshoot prioritization. This toolbox is fully compatible with BroadSource™ and BroadSeis™, to provide the optimum 4D towed-streamer acquisition platform.

receiver steering

Steering the spread to match the base

Nautilus® is a powerful 3-in1 integrated streamer control system providing:

  • acoustic positioning
  • depth control 
  • automatic streamer steering

Enabling accurate receiver position repeatability. The CGG Dovetail™ fanned streamer solution can improve the repeatability of the receiver positions of the survey in areas with challenging currents.

Integrated source and vessel steering

Our proprietary source steering system is automatically driven by Sercel’s SeaPro Nav navigation system and is integrated with vessel steering for optimal source repeatability.

source steering

Our source steering system:

  • Corrects  up to +/- 20 meters laterally for each source independently
  • Includes an underwater system, a steering algorithm and monitoring
  • Is fully compatible with BroadSource

Complete 4D solutions

Our 4D acquisition is complemented by our world-leading 4D processing expertise, SED (Survey, Evaluation and Design) and reservoir capabilities to provide optimal quantitative studies of your reservoir. Our efficient proprietary new 4D co-processing technique provides backwards and forwards compatibility for all geometries, including BroadSeis.

Source signature stability monitoring

Stability of the source signature in the changing sea environment is monitored via shot-by-shot far-field signature estimation from near-field recordings using a CGG proprietary inversion method.

source stability monitoring

The Full Source Characterization method takes the non-spherical pressure propagation into account, offering an improvement on Ziolkowski’s notional method. It is Conventional and BroadSource compliant and estimated signatures can be validated by mid and far-field measurements.  Not only does this monitor the stability of the wavelet, but the source signatures can also be delivered to processing for more accurate designature, so creating better images.

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Adel Khalil | Henning Hoeber
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Offshore - Customer Challenges

Customer Challenges in Marine Acquisition

A full range of integrated marine acquisition solutions to increase accuracy and resolution, enhance illumination in complex geologies and all as fast as possible.
Offshore - Nautilus Streamer Steering

Nautilus Streamer Steering

Better 3D coverage, improved 4D repeatability, reduced infill. Integrated streamer control with acoustic positioning, depth control and automatic steering.

Offshore - FSC

Full Source Characterization

Full characterization of the source signature, monitored in near real time to enable the most accurate designature.
Offshore - Sentinel Solid Streamers

Sentinel Solid Streamers

Best signal-to-noise ratio. Lowest frequencies. Most reliable 4D. Widest weather window. Broadband ready. For the most demanding applications, choose Sentinel.

Offshore - Maximize Production

Maximize Production

Our solutions can provide better reservoir monitoring and detailed geohazard identification.
Offshore - Broadband 4D

Broadband 4D

A toolbox of 4D broadband options, including ultra-high frequency BroadSource, all forward and backward compatible with all other 4D solutions
Offshore (Marine)


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