Broadband 4D

Future-Proof Broadband 4D Solutions

CGG offers a toolbox of 4D broadband options, including BroadSource ™ for ultra-high frequency truly-broadband data. CGG’s broadband solutions are forward and backward compatible with all other 4D monitoring techniques.

All the benefits of broadband in 3D hold true in 4D and more….

  • BroadSeis ™ offers the sharpest wavelet in the industry, with no side-lobes for the highest resolution 4D signal
    • No interference and masking of seismic detail
  • Best signal-to-noise ratios, especially when steered
    • Compatible with source and streamer steering for the best repeatability
    • Hydrophones are not affected by noise when steered in the same way as geophones
  • Ghost-free wavelets and hence reliable AVO
  • Noise free low frequencies for better quantitative inversion results
  • State-of-the-art illumination repeatability QC, accounting for different receiver depths

Broadband reservoir comparison4D signals are more readily detected when the reservoir is visible in the seismic.

Advantages of Broadband 4D

  • Characterization of reservoir heterogeneities
  • More quantitative detection of 4D signal due to pressure and/or saturation changes. With BroadSeis the reservoir is clear at and between wells thanks to the increased low frequencies.
  • If the reservoir is visible in the seismic, 4D signal (changes in the reservoir) will be better detected, especially where the 4D signal is explained by low frequency changes

Complete 4D Solutions

Our 4D acquisition is complemented by our world-leading 4D processing expertise, SED (Survey, Evaluation and Design) and reservoir capabilities to provide optimal quantitative studies of your reservoir. Our efficient proprietary new 4D co-processing technique provides backwards and forwards compatibility for all geometries, including BroadSeis.

Broadband 4D nrms

We have two options available to match BroadSeis with conventional data, depending on the S/Nof the conventional data:

  • Where the S/N of the conventional data is low, we can match the data to the bandwidth of the conventional survey and reghost the BroadSeis data.
  • Where the S/N is high we can deghost the conventional data and match to as broad a bandwidth as this allows.
    We achieved excellent matching of both BroadSeis on conventional and BroadSeis on BroadSeis in an area of no production in the North Sea

How to do 4D processing between Broadseis and...

Pierre Charrier | Thomas Rebert | Ziqin Yu
©2012 EAGE

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©2014 SEG

4D-repeatability of Reservoir Illumination - ...

Julie Svay | Nicolas Bousquie | Thomas Mensch | Anna Sedova
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Offshore - 4D Solutions

4D Solutions

Our 4D toolbox ensures seismic repeatability via powerful integrated vessel, source and streamer steering with source signature monitoring .
Offshore - Customer Challenges

Customer Challenges in Marine Acquisition

A full range of integrated marine acquisition solutions to increase accuracy and resolution, enhance illumination in complex geologies and all as fast as possible.
Offshore - Nautilus Streamer Steering

Nautilus Streamer Steering

Better 3D coverage, improved 4D repeatability, reduced infill. Integrated streamer control with acoustic positioning, depth control and automatic steering.

Subsurface Imaging - Deghosting


Remove the ghost from your towed streamer seismic pre-stack. Broaden bandwidth for clearer images. Revitalize conventional data. Fits efficiently into processing sequence.

Offshore - TopSeis


A next-generation marine solution for acquiring zero and near offsets to improve the imaging of shallow and intermediate targets.
Offshore - BroadSeis AVO & Inversion

BroadSeis AVO & Inversion

The low frequencies achieved by BroadSeis deliver stable inversion results, even away from existing wells making lithology prediction more reliable
Offshore (Marine)


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