Bespoke Multi-Vessel Solutions

Tailored to your Challenges

CGG believes that each survey is unique and has its specific target and challenges, which can best be addressed by a bespoke solution tailored to its specific needs. We can use the combined knowledge and expertise of our GeoConsulting, SED (Survey Evaluation and Design), Marine Technology and Subsurface Imaging groups to design the optimum survey for your objectives,  within any constraints of regulations, time or budget.

Multi-vessel solutions

Multi-Vessel solutions

Multi-vessel solutions can deliver a wider range of offsets and azimuths than conventional single vessel geometries. Multiple azimuths and/or ultra-long offsets are often required to image beneath complex overburdens such as salt or basalt. Acquiring such surveys requires careful planning to ensure that the right range of offsets and azimuths for the challenge is acquired in as efficient a manner as possible.

Multi-vessel solutions can also acquire data faster, when time is of the essence for either seasonal, environmental or business reasons. We also offer solutions to widen the weather window for acquisition and to reduce the detrimental effects of strong currents.

Bespoke Solutions

We have acquisition solutions for every stage in the exploitation process from exploration, through appraisal and development to production. Our advanced broadband toolbox includes specialized ultra-high definition techniques to provide detailed images for GeoHazard avoidance and we have an advanced suite of 4D monitoring tools.

We believe that every survey is unique, with its own challenges and optimum solutions. We have the people, the technology and the expertise to provide a solution tailored to the exact needs of your reservoir.

Benefits of integrated approaches for solving...

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Impact of Full-Azimuth and Long offset acquis...

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Tailored Multi-Vessel Acquisition and Design

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Offshore - Complex Geology Solutions

Complex Geology Solutions

Tailored multi-vessel acquisition solutions can deliver enhanced illumination beneath complex geologies, with improved noise and multiple attenuation.
Offshore - Time-Critical Solutions

Time-Critical Solutions

When you need data quickly, for environmental, seasonal or business reasons, we have solutions to reduce the survey turnaround time.
Offshore - People and Service

People and Service

Our experienced people make the difference, being knowledgeable, reliable and open, with the resources and expertise to go the extra mile.

Offshore - StagSeis


Illuminate subsalt and basalt like never before. Reduce exploration and production risk. Ultra long-offset, full-azimuth broadband for unparalleled interpretation.
Offshore - Customer Challenges

Customer Challenges in Marine Acquisition

A full range of integrated marine acquisition solutions to increase accuracy and resolution, enhance illumination in complex geologies and all as fast as possible.
Offshore - Multi-Source


Add an extra source to increase efficiency without compromising quality, or to increase resolution without increasing acquisition turnaround time.
Offshore (Marine)


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