Broadband Solutions

Our Marine Broadband Toolbox

Flexibility is the key to a successful project. CGG offers an integrated service to help you acquire the data you want. We consult with you and our geoscience experts to discover your needs and the best way to achieve them. We then check with our Subsurface Imaging teams that this will deliver the data required. We believe that the combination of BroadSeisTM with BroadSourceTM delivers the best solution in most contexts, but work with our customers to design optimal broadband solutions to meet their challenges and preferences. Our experienced acquisition teams can provide you with a variety of broadband techniques to deliver the optimal data for your survey.

BroadSeis data
  • BroadSeis
    • Deepest tow (up to 50m) and best low-noise low frequencies.
    • Over 310,000 km2 of data acquired
  • BroadSource
    • High frequencies constrained only by the recording sample interval and the Earth’s absorption.
    • 75,000 km2 acquired.
  • The best deghosting
    • 3D deghosting
    • 3D designature with far-field signatures measured in-field
    • Curved streamers for optimal ghost notch diversity
  • Flexible approach
    • BroadSource can be deployed with any receiver deghosting solution: ocean bottom nodes, BroadSeis, straight slant or deep flat tow combined with GWE
  • Sentinel MS multi-sensor streamer subject to availability
  • BroadSeis + BroadSource  for the broadest bandwidth (2.5Hz to Nyquist)
  • BroadSeis and BroadSource are compatible with 4D monitoring and can be matched to any other geometry

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Offshore - BroadSeis


Broadest bandwidth, best low frequencies deliver accurate models for better decisions. Choose BroadSeis at all stages from exploration to production.

Offshore - TopSeis


A next-generation marine acquisition solution for acquiring zero and near offsets to improve the imaging of shallow and intermediate targets.
Offshore - BroadSource


A fully proven broadband source, compatible with all receiver deghosting technology for ghost-free broadband data.
Offshore - BroadSource & BroadSeis

BroadSource & BroadSeis

Get the widest bandwidth and highest frequencies from ghost-free wavelets without compromising low frequencies. Available in flip-flop mode across the fleet.
Offshore - BroadSeis AVO & Inversion

BroadSeis AVO & Inversion

The low frequencies achieved by BroadSeis deliver stable inversion results, even away from existing wells making lithology prediction more reliable
Offshore - Complex Geology Solutions

Complex Geology Solutions

Tailored multi-vessel acquisition solutions can deliver enhanced illumination beneath complex geologies, with improved noise and multiple attenuation.