Cableless Technology

Cableless recording technology is an important part of our land seismic acquisition offer. With access to the latest Sercel equipment, we can take full advantage of the versatility of cableless recording to reduce environmental footprint and HSE exposure and maximize coverage and efficiency for your survey.

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Adaptable Seismic Acquisition

Cableless surveys afford additional flexibility to fill a variety of operational needs.

Cable-free acquisition provides greater flexibility in the deployment of receivers to meet survey design requirements for processing, imaging and reservoir characterization. It is ideal for programs in sensitive environments such as protected wildlife reserves or urban areas.

CGG’s agile LiteSeis™ cableless crews using Sercel UNITE and WTU-508 nodes are able to provide real-time data to the observer to ensure excellent quality. Remote data harvesting capabilities allows the crew access the stored data without interrupting normal operations.

CGG advanced cableless crews:

  • Extensive recent experience in a range of environments utilizing UNITE and WTU-508 nodes
  • Flexible crews able to use cableless and hybrid mixed spreads to achieve the best results within the constraints of the environment and terrain
  • Ability to support dynamite, vibroseis, airgun or mixed-mode operations
  • No ‘shooting blind’ with real-time or remote data harvesting for excellent infield quality control
  • Capacity to provide one merged dataset from mixed cable and cableless surveys
  • Continuously recorded data supports high-productivity vibroseis strategies such as Unconstrained Blended Acquisition, microseismic and environmental monitoring
Onshore - EmphaSeis


Optimize vibroseis source performance. Get better penetration and sharper images. Improve bandwidth for single or multicomponent analysis.
Onshore - UltraSeis


Enabling quantitative interpretation with high-quality, high-density and cost-effective seismic. A fully integrated solution for onshore reservoir development.

Onshore - CleanSweep


Leverage the broad frequency content of your data with low frequencies, free of harmonic noise, for more reliable inversion and interpretation.

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